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Concordia Guest Homes Assisted Living Facility in Fullerton, California

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Condordia Guest Homes are a full-service assisted living community in multiple locations

A Wonderful Guest Home in Fullerton, Calif.

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Cora Velasco, R.N., B.S.N., E.T. has extensive training for both acute and chronic conditions. She has experience with orthopedic patients, heart patients and other medical conditions. She is an enterostomal nurse specializing in ostomy and wounds, a home health and hospice nurse.

Concordia Guest Home III
1065 San Antonio Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92835

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Clean,safe and sanitary lodging which includes a furnished private or semi-private bedroom.
Three nutritional balanced meals and appropiate snacks. Fresh fruits available at all times.
Assistance with arrangement for transportation to client's doctor or to the nearest medical or dental facility.
Assistance with self-administered medication prescribed by a physician.
Recreational and social activities.
Use of telephone locally during reasonable hours.
Laundry services include dry cleaning (to be paid by client if they so request such service).
Personal assistance and care as needed including bathing, dressing and activities of daily living.
Podiatrist care
Massage therapy
Beauty care
Hair cut
*Individual charges will apply. Licensed contracted professionals will give all of the above services*

For clients with special needs, we offer these additional services:
Hospice Program
Post-operative care and recuperation.
Home Health Agency available per doctor's order.
Assistance with ostomy and incontinence.
Clients with mild confusion or forgetfulness.


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