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Farmers Loop Home Assisted Living Facility in Fairbanks, Alaska

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Address: P. O. Box 243945, Anchorage, AK 99524-3945

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Report suspected abuse by calling 800-677-1116

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Great questions that we have received about Farmer's Loop - and assisted living that can serve as examples of the types (and thoroughness) of questions that you might consider asking facilities that you are interested in:

My father lives far away, and I and he are interested in finding suitable facilities to move him up here. He is 75 years old and needs minimal assistance. Do you have openings. What is the cost and what does the cost include? Thank you in advance for any info or help you can give.

Looking for possible assisted living for my mother in law. She recently broke her hip but is recovering and doing rehab at Denali Center and I don't know if she'll do well back at her apt in Golden Towers or not. Looking for information, cost, vacancy, and if you provide transportation for your residents.

I am looking at an assisted living home for my mother. Can you give me some information on the average monthly cost.

Do you have any openings? What is the daily/monthly cost. My mother has her own insurance policy. Her name is Rosalie and she is early Alzheimer's and uses a walker.

Do you accept people who are not seniors but are on the AK APD Waiver. If so do you have any openings?

What is the cost for one person? Can both of my parents live in the same room? How much would that cost?

Hi, I am looking to move my father to Fairbanks. He has Alzheimer's and this home was recommended by the Alzheimer's Association of Alaska. Do you have Alzheimer's-specific care at this home?

Is your facility month to month rental? My dad, who is 88 yrs old, broke his hip bone yesterday, and received a surgery at the hospital. Do you accept a person right after getting discharged from the hospital? How much is your monthly charge?

Is the area available to be set up as a private room available at this time? What is your process for becoming a resident, and do you accept Medicaid?

My mom has dementia, is wheelchair bound, incontinent, needs assistance with ADL's and is not combative. Do you except these types of residents. She is currently living in Juneau.

The following is a note of praise for Farmer's Loop:

Hello Mrs. Egger,

This is a message of sincere thanks to you for your kind hospitality and taking the time to share your thoughts, information and above all show your beautiful business.

It was a pleasure and an honor to meet you and your beautiful family today! What you have accomplished is amazing! For I know that it was not always easy and there where some challenges along the way. You met those challenges head on and was able continue to move forward and create the wonderful business that you have today. It is good to see great things happen for great people! Your home is organized beyond belief, super clean and decorated with a tasteful eye of class and beauty. A breath taking balance of comfort and beauty.You truly are gifted in many ways.

Farmers Loop Home, LLC is beautiful and sets a standard that is second to none. I can say this with confidence even without seeing all of the others. The elevator is the icing on the cake! I remember reading in your colorful and informative brochure that you are an award winning owner for your care of the elderly. Congratulations to you for that as well.

For me the road is just beginning and you gave me a lot of homework, but I feel that I am up for the task. To be successful one must surround himself with successful people...

Q: Does Farmer's Loop have opening for my father who is 75 and has stage 1 dementia? If so what is the cost? - Bill

***An additional question may be to ask if all stages of dementia or conditions are covered, so the resident may 'age in place.' - Assisted Living Directory

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Farmers Loop Assisted Living in Fairbanks

Alaska Assisted Living

Living Room

Main area of facility

Lovely interior


Fairbanks, Alaska - Farmers Loop Home, LLC

Fairbanks newest Assisted Living Home.
Gladys Egger, Administrator
1002 Senate Loop, Fairbanks, AK 99712
Quality Care - One Moment at a Time.

What are the amenities?
The home is exceptionally clean and tastefully decorated with works of local artisans. A sunlit living room and dining area with panoramic views make the short winter days more enjoyable. Summer days can be spent enjoying the gardens or relaxing on the screened-in porch.

What type of residents does the home take?
Farmers Loop Home has been established to meet the growing needs for assisted living for senior citizens. This allows our staff to better focus on the specific needs and interest of like aged and experienced residents.

What are the rooms like?
The home has well appointed rooms with private baths. One private room with a private detached bath as well as two double rooms with private baths is available. One of the rooms can be set up as an apartment with a private bath and kitchen area for those looking for the support of an assisted living home and privacy of a personal residence.

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Facility availability

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