Eureka Springs, Arkansas Assisted Living: Featured Facilities

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Our certified consultants will help to identify your assisted living needs, and help you through every step of the process. Our Advisors have received their Certified Senior Advisor certification to earn their expertise in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Our service is 100% free to you!

3 Easy Steps In Finding The Best Senior Care In Your Area

Our Senior Care Consultants Will Perform:

Step One- The Assessment/Interview

  • Identify your loved one’s care needs and preferences
  • Identify personal preferences/location
  • Identify hobbies and lifestyle preferences
  • identify budget preferences

Step Two- “Matching Needs & Preferences”

  • They will then “match” all the information from Step One and narrow down your options to 3 or 4 pre screened and CarePatrol approved care providers.

Step Three- Tour Our Recommendations

  • Our Senior Care Consultant can personally bring you to our recommendations for a tour (much like a realtor does) or if you would rather go by youself, we can arrange the details of your tour accordingly.

This section of Assisted Living Directory is dedicated to the handful of assisted living facilities and skilled nursing found in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Each facility may be contacted directly and safely.

Seniors and families in Eureka Springs are supported by the programs and services provided through the Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas. This agency provides services and information relevant to: Adult Day Care; Senior Advocacy Programs; Care Coordination; Family Caregiver Support - and much more. Intro by

Eureka Springs, Arkansas Assisted Living: Featured Facilities

Holly House assisted living facility in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Eureka Springs, Arkansas - Welcome Home to Holly House Assisted Living

15 private studio apartments in a rural wooded setting. Eureka Springs is known as "Little Switzerland", the most visited city in Arkansas. Natural beauty beyond belief.

100 Ridgeview Rd., Eureka Springs, AR 72632


888-502-2057Pricing & Availability
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Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Care Options - Eureka Springs

Brighton Ridge

Brighton Ridge

235 Huntsville Road Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Capacity/Licensed Beds: 100

Classification: Skilled Nursing Facility with Dual Certified Beds (Medicaid / Medicare)


888-723-8284Pricing & Availability
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Holly House

Holly House Assisted Living

1-866-333-6550Pricing & Availability
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Questions about Facility Costs or Availability? 866-333-6550

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