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Enchanted Care Centers Assisted Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Enchanted Care Centers of Santa Fe

senior bedroom at assisted living

Santa Fe, NM - Enchanted Care Centers

"Age in Place" We bridge the gap between Traditional Assisted Living and Nursing Homes. Residents can enjoy the comforts of assisted living in our unique homes especially designed for seniors who prefer a more serene environment. Our small home environments are perfect for seniors transitioning from home, hospitals or rehabilitation centers to help them maintain their dignity & self-confidence.

Our Centers offer residents specific areas of increased natural lighting, water features and gardens for solace and refuge. Smaller common areas provide residents with more opportunity to build relationships with staff members and fellow residents closer to the likes of home.

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Services Offered
 24 Hour Direct Care –Staff
 Three delicious home styled meals served daily
 Enjoyable snacks in between meals
 On site laundry service
 RN medical over-site
 Care Plans tailored to the individual needs of each resident.
 Personal Assistance with Dressing
 Bathing and Personal Hygiene
 many other support services
 Arts and Crafts
 Music Therapy
 Dedicated exercise rooms (select locations)

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