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Churchill Estates Assisted Living Facility in Eugene, Oregon

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Churchill Estates Assisted Living Facility

Eugene, Oregon Assisted Living


Facility Interior

Back Yard of Assisted Living

Eugene, Oregon - Churchill Estates- Continuity Of Care

Our Facility consists of 208 individual apartments of which 104 are Independent Living, and 104 are Assisted Living which is Located in Eugene, oregon close to bus lines and shopping.
1919 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene Oregon 97405


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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Active Retired
Dining-Three Nutritious Meals a day-Choice of entree
Security-24 Hour Emergency Call and services
Beauty Salon and Maid Services
Activities-Trips,Tours,Walking,Shopping,Van service, Social Director
Assisted Living
24 hour Care-Medication Supervision
Three Nutritious Meals Daily
Choice of Entrees and reminder to meals
Assistance with Daily Living Activities

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