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Cherry's Assisted Living Facility / Home in Tucson, Arizona

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Interview - Robert and Myrna Cherry of Cherry's Assisted Living

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Good questions we have received about Cherry's assisted living - questions and comments that may serve as examples of the types of questions you may consider asking facilities that you are interested in:

Can you care for stroke victims? My father's right side was affected and is right-handed, so needs help with daily living activities. His mental faculties are intact, as is his speech. Also, do you have vacancies, as he is to be discharged from St. Joseph's Rehab Unit on 4/22.

I was wondering if you deal with dementia patients and about what the monthly cost is.

Q: My dad has just turned 99. Needs help with preparing meals, and bathing. Gets around with a walker. How much is it and is there a waiting list. Thinking of moving him in with us for a short while. Still lives alone at Far Horizons East at Speedway and Pantano.

Q: Do you have any availability at this time? I am looking for my parents (87 & 91). Do you take pets?

Q: How much for a 90yr old with not-so-good short term memory but good long term from minor stroke in surgery? She has a small house trained dog she would miss terribly. She has lived with us for 17 years is very good natured quiet, can dress self, but needs reminding and supervision with meds and showers. Uses a walker, often forgetting it.

Q: I have a mentally handicapped sister that is 36. I am trying to find a the proper place for her to live and have fun. If your facility is not appropriate, do you know of one that is? Thank you for your time. Also, do you accept Medicaid?

Q: Do you care for patients with neurological problems (Parkinson's, Dementia) and do you accept ALTECS?

Q: I am currently gathering information for future reference. Could you please send me a list of your rates and what that covers (showering, transportation, etc.) Do you have a brochure that you could send me about Cherry's assisted living?

Q: Hello! I'm helping my sister find an Assisted Living facility in or near Tucson, AZ. My sister is 58 yrs old, but is unable to live alone & care for herself. She's a cardiac patient with back injuries, and is under the care of a few different doctors in the area. Do you provide for such people, or are you only available for Seniors?

Q: I'm looking for an assisted living with the ability to transition to a nursing home as needed. This is for my mother who currently lives at home. - Katherine

Q: My aunt is lives in Oracle and is in need of assisted living. Do you work with Medicare. She is in early stages of Alzheimer's.

Q: What is the cost of living there? And is there any grants or financial assistance available for someone who can't afford senior housing?

Q: I am currently looking for an assisted residence in Tucson for my mother and am wondering if you have any openings at this time. She is a 'young senior' at 54 years old, so I also want to find out if there are any age restrictions at Cherry's assisted living.

Q: My Aunt is 97 years old. She needs some assistance, but is mentally alert. Do you accept Medicare or State Aid such as ALTCS? Also do you accept small pets at your facility?

Q: Does Cherry's have internet available to all seniors living there, and perhaps a common computer for them to use? My mom does not own a computer, but would like to communicate with grandkids. - Sheila

Q: I am considering moving my Dad from a larger facility here in Tucson. He suffers from vascular dementia. What is your price range and are you accepting new residents? Thank you. - Diane

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Cherry's Assisted Living

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Tucson, Arizona - Cherry's Assisted Living Home

Cherry’s Assisted Living Located at 10363 Camino La Joya Pantano Ln E, Tucson, Arizona. 85730

Cherry's Assisted Living Facility and home is located on the eastside of Tucson at Houghton and Escalante in a new subdivision. Our home is certified and licensed for all levels of care, i.e. supervisory, personal care, and directed care.

Our certified manager has a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and several years of health care experience. All furnished rooms are private with rates determined by the level of care needed by the resident. Our mission statement is "Care From The Heart".

Come and visit Cherry's Assisted Living Home.

Please e-mail us directly using the contact form below.

We would be happy to send you a brochure, resume and testimonial.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Beautiful spacious 3000 SF Assisted Living Home located in a cozy subdivision
Licensed for all 3 levels of care, and we work in conjunction with hospice care as needed
Capacity at 5 residents, so the staff to resident ratio is high
All rooms are private and furnished
Medication management is provided with the assistance of family and primary doctor
Activities are tailored for the resident

(520) 721-6641

Contact Cherry's Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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