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"The Colorado Health Care Association represents 90% of Colorado's nursing homes and many assisted living care facilities."

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A wonderful event that happens in the Centennial Area every year is the 9Health Fair.

Actually, there are in excess of 150 9Health Fair sites that are set up across the state. The fair was started in the late 1980, "along with support from hundreds of medical and non-medical volunteers, the Lions Clubs of Colorado and the Colorado National Guard, the first 9Health Fair was staged." In 1987, it became a non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote health awareness and to encourage people to take control and responsibility for their own health. The 9Health Fair has helped, and impacted literally millions of people.

Essentially, anyone over 18 years old can participate - and there are dozens of screenings available. The results of your screenings will be sent to you within 3 to 6 weeks of your visit.

The 9Health Fair offers a superb opportunity for seniors in Centennial to volunteer, as well as check their own health.

To find out more about this wonderful local event, please visit the 9Health Fair website or call 303 698-4455.

Centennial is a young city, or town - it was only incorporated in 2001, and quite honestly, one could drive through it and not really realize that you are in a new city if you are coming from Greenwood Village or Littleton. An interesting little fact - since, at the time, there were over 100,000 residents when it was incorporated, it made this the largest incorporation in US history.

Centennial can be a little confusing as well, especially if you are mailing a letter, or looking up an address, since many addresses and postal codes within the city are assigned to the surrounding towns of Littleton, Aurora, etc.

We chose to build a specific city page for Centennial due to the large number of assisted living facilities located here. Many of the facilities, though, are small - with only 7-10 licensed beds. It seems as if many of these homes have been transformed from existing residential homes. Many of the facilities in Centennial are located in what are very obviously residential neighborhoods.

Interesting questions and comments we have received about assisted living in Centennial:

Q: Hello Beth, I would like to seek your advice regarding facilities that accept Medicaid-pending - Amy

Hi, we are in need of immediate memory care for my mother who is 72 and suffering from advanced dementia. She is currently at Porter Hospital because she wondered off from her apartment and was taken to the ER. She broke her hip a month ago after wondering off.

My sister and myself have been taking care of her but it is no longer feasible for us to care for her. We are in the process for applying for Medicaid as she has very little resources.

We can not afford private pay facility and require a place that will accept her as "Medicaid Pending" can you please help us? Thanks, - Molly

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Assisted Living Directory icon  Being from the Denver area, I have had a few occasions to visit  Centennial,  each time noting what a beautiful area it is - sort of a suburban paradise if you will. Centennial is well-stocked with beautiful, tree lined streets, architecturally pleasing homes, and a sense

of both removal from Denver, and easy access to it. On it's own, however, Centennial has quite a bit to offer in terms of services and businesses, and assisted living homes are popping up all over town.

Centennial  a large city south of larger Denver, is located in Arapahoe County. Centennial is often considered, or viewed as being a suburb of Denver, but it is a self-governing, home rule city. Centennial is a desirable place to live for families, and seniors, as it offers many of the benefits of living in the big city, mixed with the slower pace of suburban life. Centennial has beautiful, well-kept neighborhoods, and many parks and abundant open-space. Seniors especially tend to enjoy the relatively drier climate, and abundant sunshine found in Centennial. Centennial has been listed as the 15th safest city in the country, according to a local news station, 7 News.

We've listed most, if not all licensed assisted living facilities in Centennial on this page, as well as several video tours. Our list is unbiased, and unlike many other senior sites, facilities may be contacted directly, and safely! Intro by

Centennial Assisted Living: Featured Facilities, Video Tours & Services

bedroom with bay windows

Clermont Assisted Living, LLC

Clermont Assisted Living is a lovely residential care facility licensed for 8 residents.

More Information
& Contact Clermont Directly!

[Video Tutorial] How to find Medicaid-Certified Assisted Living in Centennial, CO

We highlight an excellent, state-of-Colorado research tool to help you to find assisted living in Centennial, and to identify those facilities that are Medicaid-Certified.

Video produced by Assisted Living Directory

Abbey Road assisted living facility in Centennial

Abbey Road Assisted Living

Abbey Road Assisted Living is dedicated to providing a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment for our residents with a friendly, caring, certified, and responsible staff. We offer specialized care to improve the life of our residents and offer peace of mind and comfort for their families.

More Information
& Contact Abbey Road Directly!
Loving Touch Elderly

Loving Touch Elderly Assistant Care

Loving Touch Elderly Assistant Care is licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE). We offer a beautiful, handicapped accessible home, conveniently located near Arapahoe Road and Broadway. Loving Touch Elderly Assistant Care is much more than just a home - it is a family. It is people living together who care for each other. It is a place full of love and companionship.

More Information
& Contact Loving Touch Directly!

[Video] Lighthouse Assisted Living in Centennial

This video tour will provide information about the Littleton Family (and Liz, a registered nurse, as well as Tom, who runs many aspects of the home) and about Lighthouse Assisted Living. Lighthouse is a smaller, more residential home that offers a wide-variety of services for it's residents. 720-344-7217

Beth is a CSA advisor for Centennial

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Centennial & South Denver - Certified CSA Help

I am LOCAL to the Denver/Centennial area and my goal and passion is to help families to learn about the best 'fit' for senior living - whether assisted living, independent living, retirement or memory care in Centennial and the surrounding communities.

I can help you to learn a great deal of information about each facility including

focus points for senior help in Centennial.

There is no cost to use my services!

I encourage you to learn more about how I can help you!

Assisted Living & Senior Care - Centennial

***Tips: To see a 'street view image' of a facility (a photo of the exterior), simply visit the 'map' link for each one of our facilities in Centennial listed below


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Carelink Assisted Living

Carelink assisted living - seniors and RN

2602 E WEAVER AVENUE Centennial, Colorado 80121
Carelink is an Assisted Living Residence that is licensed for 8 beds, and is Medicaid Certified. Carelink is located adjacent to DeKoevend Park, and just to the north of E. Arapahoe Rd.
(303) 797-9110

Caring Homes, LLC

Caring Homes, LLC

Centennial, Colorado 80122
Caring Homes is an Assisted Living Residence that is Private Pay, which has 5 licensed beds, and 5 secured beds. Caring Homes is just to the north of Arapaho Park, and about a block to the east of S. University Blvd.
Telephone: (303) 770-4900

Christian Living Communities The Johnson Center Assisted Living

Centennial, Colorado 80122
The Johnson Center is a Private Pay Assisted Living Residence with 29 Licensed Beds. The Johnson Center is within a short walk to Arapahoe Village Shopping Center.
Telephone: (303) 779-5000


Colorado Assisted Living Homes - Euclid LLC

Assisted Living Residence - Medicaid Certified Beds/Capacity: 8
(303) 627-3779 • 19458 E Euclid Dr • Centennial, CO 80016


Suites at Holly Creek Assisted Living (46 Licensed Beds/12 Secured Beds/Private Pay)

Holly Creek Chef Demonstration [Video]

(303) 713-9004
5590 E Peakview Ave
Centennial, CO 80121
This assisted living facility in Centennial is located to the West of Holly Park, and a few blocks north of East Arapahoe Rd. "To minister to senior adults through a continuum of services and care that reflects Christian love, respect and compassion, and that enriches the quality and dignity of life for each individual. "
Telephone: (720) 266-5888


Kensington Place Assisted Living

Kensington Place

Centennial, Colorado 80121
Kensington Place is a Private Pay Assisted Living Residence with 6 licensed beds. Kensington Place is located about midway between S. Broadway and S. University Blvd.
Telephone: (303) 795-1540


Life Quality Homes of Denver - Easter Home

Life Quality Homes - Centennial assisted living

"Assisted Living Memory Care - For People with Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders"

Centennial, Colorado 80112
An Assisted Living Residence with 6 Licensed Beds, and 6 Secured Beds. Life Quality Homes of Denver is a Private Pay facility. Life Quality Homes is a few blocks to the east of S. Quebec Street and within walking distance to Walnut Hills Park.
Telephone: (720) 489-7356


Lighthouse Assisted Living Inc. - Steele House

6700 SOUTH STEELE STREET Centennial, Colorado 80122 Telephone: (720) 489-0864
Lighthouse/Steele House is an Assisted Living Residence with 8 Licensed Beds and is located next to Arapahoe Blvd.


Makarios Kit Carson - Assisted Living

7488 S KIT CARSON STREET Centennial, Colorado 80122
Assisted Living Residence - Medicaid Certified - 8 Licensed Beds - Located just to the North of E. Dry Creek Road, and within walking distance to Clarkson Park.
Telephone: (720) 283-2127


Manor On Marion Circle

Manor on Marion assisted living

8089 S MARION CIRCLE Centennial, Colorado 80121
Assisted Living Residence - Medicaid Certified - Licensed Beds: 8 - Located just north of E-470
Telephone: (303) 794-1841

Manor On Orchard Road - Assisted Living Residence

Manor on Orchard

Centennial, Colorado 80121
Medicaid Certified - Licensed Beds: 8
Telephone: (720) 283-8420

Masters Touch Homes, Inc

Master's Touch Christian assisted living

7422 S MARION ST Centennial, Colorado 80122
Assisted Living Residence - Medicaid Certified -
Licensed Beds: 8
(303) 738-3299

Millbrook Homes - Fillmore - Assisted Living Residence

Fillmore avenue location exterior

Centennial, Colorado 80122
Private Pay
Licensed Beds: 8
Secured Beds: 8
This facility is located to the East of S. University Blvd, and just north of E. Dry Creek Rd.
Telephone: (303) 221-8353

Millbrook Homes - Heritage

Assisted Living Residence - Private Pay
Licensed Beds: 5
Secured Beds: 5
(303) 796-8615 • 6462 S Heritage Place • Centennial, CO 80111


Millbrook Homes - Wabash

Millbrook Homes Wabash assisted living

Centennial, CO 80111 - Located in Adams County
Assisted Living Residence - Private Pay
Licensed Beds: 5
Secured Beds: 5
Wabash is located to the West of S. Yosemite St.
Telephone: (303) 221-7196

Poppy's Place Assisted Living (8 Licensed Beds/Medicaid Certified)

Poppy Place facility exterior

Centennial, CO 80111
Telephone: (303) 741-2413


Rose of Sharon Valentina (8 Licensed Beds/Private Pay)

Rose of Sharon Valentina on Sherman

Telephone: (303) 730-3825, Fax: (303)756-3376

Rose of Sharon Valentina (7 Licensed Beds/Private Pay)

Rose of Sharon Valentina

Centennial, CO 80112 - ARAPAHOE COUNTY
Telephone: (720) 482-2223

Rose of Sharon Washington Assisted Living (8 Licensed Beds/Private Pay)

Rose of Sharon Washington assisted living

Telephone: (303) 794-3262

Serenity House Assisted Living

Serenity House Seniors

Assisted Living Residence - Medicaid Certified Licensed Beds: 8
Personalized loving attention. Private and semi private suites (8 bed occupancy).
Close communication with physicians and other health care professionals.
On-call physician and registered nursing services.
Home cooked nutritious meals and snacks. (Special diet and meal requests accommodated).
Medication administered by qualified staff. (Free medication delivery for those participating with our preferred pharmacy provider).
Assistance with bathing, grooming and dressing.
Incontinence management.

Safety and risk management assessment. Laundry, linen and housekeeping services.
Social and recreation activities. (15 passenger bus with wheelchair lift for community based outings).
Physical therapy programs/exercise groups.
Assistance with appointments and transportation.
Security and emergency call systems.
Professional caring staff on site 24 hours a day.
(303) 771-3066 • 2947 E Dry Creek Place • Centennial, CO 80122 • Website

St. Bernadette Assisted Living (7 Licensed Beds/ Medicaid Certified)

St. Bernadette assisted living

Telephone: (303) 694-5743


St. Clare Assisted Living Facility

St. Clare assisted living Centennial

Assisted Living Residence - Medicaid Certified Licensed Beds: 8
(720) 242-7960 • 6780 E Lake Circle • Centennial, CO 80111


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***See the State of Colorado's Health Care Facilities Provider Search Tool - which includes assisted living & residential care in Centennial.

Mental Health Services for Older Adults
7500 E. Arapahoe Rd., Ste. 396
Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: 303-337-6130

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Assisted Living Facilities, Senior and Long Term Care in Centennial, Colorado (CO)

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