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Abbey Road Assisted Living Facility in Centennial, Colorado

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Great Assisted Living Questions:

Some examples of good questions that we have received about Abbey Road assisted living - which can serve as examples of good questions for you to ask facilities and administrators:

I am looking for information on assisted living places for a friend. She is 67 years old with right now a total monthly income of approximately $2000.00. (pension and social security) She is mobile but on oxygen and uses a walker about half the time. She has health issues that are pretty much just controlled by doctor visits and medication. Other than she is very depressed right now due to recent family situations I think with the right care she would recover quickly. She is in an assisted living place now at 72nd and Kipling, but it seems to be more than she actually needs and she is in a studio apt. (one room) and I think that is making her more depressed. She was used to having people around and now although it is a big place it is almost too big and most of the people are older and in just more needy situations I guess. Before I go on too much let me give you my number and info. if you have any suggestions I would appreciate anything. Thank you. She also would like to be further south she used to live in Lakewood and she feels more out of her element so far up North here. - Bonnie

My husband is in a wheelchair and currently at Orchard Park anxious to move back to an assisted living group home. Please provide information, costs, services. Thank you!

Do you have 24 hour care? My Dad has Dementia and is currently in a nursing home. We would love for him to be in a home environment instead of the 8x8 room he shares right now. He currently is on Medicaid

Do you take care of patient who had stroke? if yes, do you control his behavior problem? I want him to be transfer somewhere that will care for him better.

I am looking for a home for my 87 year old mother. She is currently living in another state in an Assisted Living Facility. She needs a place that offers a medium level of assistance, i.e., medication administration, dressing & bathing assistance. She uses a walker. Do you provide this type of care?

Hello, I wanted information on your monthly rates and what is included. My father is relocating to Colorado and will be needing a home to assist him.

Q: I have a couple questions. How many people live in your homes? What is the average age? Do you offer outings? My mother has memory issues, she still is able to take of herself just needs helps remembering her medication and to eat, is this something you deal with? - Leslie

Q: 43 year old male with MS looking for ACF that accepts Medicaid. Significant memory and cognition issues. Walks with cane, needs assistance bathing due to frequent falls. Do you have openings? - Connie

Q: Just starting a search for Assisted Living for my mother-in-law, Betty. Betty is 88 and doesn't want to live alone anymore. Tell me more about Abbey Road. Is transportation provided? What activities? What is the staff?

Q: I'm looking for a caring, pleasant place for Mom (Alzheimer's) and Dad (can't cook), to keep them together. Must take Medicaid. Is Abbey Road such a place? -

Q: Hello. I am looking for Assisted Living for my Mom who is approved with Medicaid and has a waiver. Do you have any availability? Thank you! - Carol


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On this page: direct and safe Contact This Facility Directly!

Abbey Road Assisted Living Facility is located in Centennial and offers a safe and clean environment for seniors

kitchen of facility with administrators cooking for the residents

An example of a room at Abbey Road with a happy resident!

Seniors who are enjoying a meal together at this facility.


Centennial, Colorado - Abbey Road Assisted Living

Facility information and photos were provided directly by Abbey Road, and they may be contacted directly!

Abbey Road Assisted Living Located at 7347 Ulster St S, Centennial, CO. 80112

Abbey Road is an assisted living facility located in Centennial, Colorado. Abbey Road Assisted Living is dedicated to providing a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment for our residents with a friendly, caring, certified, and responsible staff. We offer specialized care to improve the life of our residents and offer peace of mind and comfort for their families.

E-mail Abbey Road directly: Please use the contact form below.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Two beautiful homes in Centennial, CO
Private Pay and Medicaid Accepted
Locally Owned and Operated
Free assessments available

Ph: (720) 488-6609

Contact Abbey Road Directly!

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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