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Castle Rock Assisted Living Facility in Castle Rock, Colorado

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Hi Everyone - David here with Assisted Living Directory! As I live in the Denver metro area, I have had the fortunate and wonderful opportunity to visit and tour many facilities in the area, as well as in Castle Rock.

This year, I was invited to tour Castle Rock Assisted Living, which is owned by Gina Sepulveda. I took my camera, and did the 'video tour' which appears on this page.

Castle Rock is a beautiful area. Many people, including seniors and retirees are drawn to this city, since it is a perfect mix of small-town charm, but with the proximity to the larger metro areas to the north and south.

Gina's two facilities are residential care homes, and each one was extremely clean, with good-sized rooms, activity areas, and very cheerful and hard-working caregivers buzzing around the facility, tending to the residents. I was impressed by the homes' physical appearances, as well as how smoothly they seemed to run.

I hope the video tour, and photos on this page will give you a better idea of what to expect from Castle Rock Assisted Living.


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Helpful questions that we have received about Castle Rock Assisted Living - questions that may serve as the types of questions you may consider asking the facilities you are looking into:

Q: I would like info about cost and if you accept Medicare and Medicaid.

Q: Hello, we are looking for respite care for my father. He is 84 years old, and has some dementia and ambulatory needs. We are looking for care from Late May to mid August. Please let me know if your facility can provide this service.

Q: Do you accept Medicare and Colorado Medicaid? My mother is in a facility in Colorado Springs and we are considering moving her to a facility in Castle Rock.

Q: I am interested in placing my 93 yr old mother. She does need basic assistance. Please provide the monthly cost and also what kind of medicaid or other financial assistance may be available to her.

Q: Looking for housing for my 80 year old mother who resided in Douglas county for 35 years. She needs assistance with daily living like dressing, transferring, and bathing. Would need to be admitted under medicaid. How long is your wait list? - Ronda

***Many assisted living homes are on wait lists, often times for months or even longer. Starting your research as early as possible, and asking about waiting lists is highly advisable. - ALD

Q: My name is Kerry and my mother is in need of an assisted living place. She suffers from dementia and a few other health issues but can walk, talk and take care of herself for the most part.
Does your facility take medicare/medicaid?
If so is there a waiting list? - Kerry

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Video Tour produced by Assisted Living Directory

Castle Rock Assisted Living Facility


Castle Rock, Colorado - Castle Rock Assisted Living

Castle Rock Assisted Living Located at 1640 Wild Rye Court, Castle Rock, CO. 80109
Phone: 1-303-815-9347

When living independently is no longer possible ...

E-mail us directly: please use the contact form below

We take care of everything, so that your loved one’s life in their new home is safe, comfortable, and worry free.

"At CRAL an assessment for each resident prior to admission is performed to begin the care planning process. Reviewing the cognitive and physical skills of each resident allows for the development of a customized program that provides the structure and support to meet individual needs. "

Peace of Mind with Quality Care!

Gina Sepulveda

Street ViewTip: Drag this icon within the map below for a virtual 'street view'


BASIC SERVICES We provide the basic services plus the following:

Basic Services Include

Medication administration
Meal preparation
Assistance with Personal Care
Stand By/Transfer Assistance
Laundry and Incontinence Management.

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy
Primary Care Provider In-Home Visits
Mobile Fitness- Personalized Physical Program
Home-Bound Library Program
Activity Program Director
Musician Entertainers
Licensed Beautician
Hospice/Palliative Care
Podiatry In-Home Services
Pet Therapy

Castle Rock Assisted Living is also licensed to receive Medicaid benefits.





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