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Canyon Care Homes Residential Assisted Living in Tucson, Arizona

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Tucson, Arizona - Canyon Care Homes of Arizona

Beautiful Adult Care Home in Tucson with Caring Staff, Great Food & Good Fun BRAND NEW! This home is nurse-owned and operated, and the staff is dedicated to caring for you or your loved ones.

Located at Broadway/Craycroft

License number is- AL9392H

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Services Offered
 large bedrooms
 updated bathrooms
 multiple tv rooms
 daily activities
 nutritious meals
 pool table and pool/Jacuzzi!
 Healthcare Management
 Medical Doctor Visits
 Laboratory and Diagnostic Services
 Medication Management
 Customized Care Plans
 Nutritious Home-Cooked Meals & Snacks
 Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
 Laundry Services
 Housekeeping Services
 Beauty / Barber Services
 Outdoor Picnic & Patio Areas
 Cable, HDTV, Netflix
 Waterfall Pool & Jacuzzi
 Utilities Included


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