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Blue Spruce Assisted Living Facility in Castle Rock, Colorado

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Assisted Living Tidbits

Castle Rock is in a unique and strategic location to have an assisted living facility. This is a beautiful area of Colorado, that is situated just to the east of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and conveniently in between both Colorado Springs and Denver. In Castle Rock, a resident will experience a smaller-town feel away from the faster pace of the larger urban centers, but being close enough to them to enjoy all that they have to offer. People visiting Castle Rock may notice fascinating rock formations in the foothills - not unlike something one might see further to the southwest in the four-corners region. Red rocks jut out of the ground as if they were tilted by powerful forces long ago...

Castle Rock has also done it's fair share as a city to cater to it's senior population - speaking of which - there are approximately 2,199 seniors living in the City of Castle Rock.

For starters, the City of Castle Rock is home to the Castle Rock Senior Center, which is a not-for-profit organization that boasts upwards of 1000 members. This center was started in 1971, and now operates out of the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center. The Center offers a bounty of great events and activities that can all be found on the "Special Events" page on their website. Seniors may participate in events like a Spaghetti Dinner, which is a great opportunity to stay socially plugged in, and to meet other seniors and people from all over Castle Rock. Seniors may also enjoy taking part in a Craft Show, or may even wish to volunteer to help out with any of the numerous events that happen each year.

Seniors who wish to learn more about their finances may sign up for a 'Financial Services" session with an advisor. There are also general interest activities such as table games and bingo. Those who wish to work on their physical health can play tennis, softball, or even go bowling!

Many assisted living facilities offer transportation services for their residents so they can get out and about to attend to errands, medical appointments, and to be able to utilize local senior centers, like the aforementioned center in Castle Rock. If your facility does not offer transportation, there is a Shuttle Service that is provided by the Senior Center that serves seniors and disabled persons, Senior Center Members (and non-members), and others. To find out more about the Shuttle Service at the Senior Center, please call (303) 688-9498.

Lastly, The Town of Castle Rock, and the Douglas County Division of Adult Services offers a Senior Outreach Services Guide that offers a wealth of information pertaining to local senior services including adult day care, housing, associations, personal care homes, care managers, elder abuse, and much more. To view the .pdf version of this guide, please visit the human services website.

Great questions and comments we have received about Blue Spruce in Castle Rock, and assisted living - questions that may serve as good examples of the types of questions you might ask your facility administrators:

Do you accept Medicaid?

I am looking for a place for my parents, my dad has incontinence, and needs help dressing and bathing, which my mom usually does. Could you please send me more information regarding Blue Spruce assisted living? Please include prices and cost, conditions etc. I am looking to place them ASAP.

Do you accept Medicare and Colorado Medicaid? My mother is in a facility in Colorado Springs and we are considering moving her to a facility in Castle Rock.

I am a 6th grader, how can I help the seniors even if I'm not related to one of them? -

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Blue Spruce Assisted Living Facility

Castle Rock CO facility

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Castle Rock, Colorado - A Place to call Home

Blue Spruce Assisted Living
8204 Wetherill Cir, Castle Rock, CO, 80108
Contact Morris or Adele directly by using the contact form below!

Our mission at Blue Spruce Assisted Living is to provide a safe, secure and caring home environment for seniors. As we age we all would like special care and individual attention in a nurturing environment.

The home like environment in beautiful Castle Pines North/Castle Rock encourages a sense of well being, care and safety for our residents.

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We offer a variety of services to ensure that our residents receive the care they need, including:

Personal care, Companionship
Home cooked meals and snacks
Medication Assistance
Housekeeping and Laundry
Caregiver at the home 24 hours
Private and semi-private rooms
Daily and weekly activities
Hospice support
A wide range of extra services provided within the home itself

(303) 549-3736

Contact Blue Spruce Directly:

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