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"AALA is dedicated to establishing the highest standards of excellence for assisted living professionals providing quality housing, assisted living and related services to Arkansas seniors."Phone: (501) 374-4422

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Assisted Living Directory icon This page has been put together to provide a useful and accurate starting point for your research into Benton's assisted living facilities   and residential care homes for seniors.

* Important note: Every facility listed here may be contacted directly, and safely.

We also invite you to visit the Region 5 Area Agency on Aging (or Carelink). This agency offers a wide array of services and supports for Benton's homebound seniors, families and caregivers. Services include, but are not limited to: Meals on Wheels; In-Home Respite Care; Family Caregiver Counseling, and much more. Intro by

Benton Assisted Living: Featured Facilities, Video Tours & Services

Benton, Arkansas Assisted Living Facility

Benton, Arkansas - Mt.Carmel Community, the Pinnacle of Senior Living

Mt.Carmel Community is an assisted living facility located at 3505 Boone Road, Benton, Arkansas 72015.
Phone Number: 501-315-1555

Mt.Carmel Community is a new assisted living you must visit if you or your family live anywhere in central Arkansas, especially the Benton and Bryant area.

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Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Care Options - Benton

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Mt Carmel Community

Mt. Carmel

More Information

Four Seasons Residential Care Center

Four Seasons Residential

2408 Military Rd
Benton, AR 72015
(501) 778-2838


Arkansas Health Center

Arkansas Health Center

6701 Hwy 67, Benton, AR 72015-8909
Capacity 290
 Nursing Facility

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Assisted Living Facilities, Senior and Long Term Care in Benton, Arkansas (AR)

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