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Bentley Assisted Living Facility, Jefferson, Georgia

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Assisted Living Tidbits

We have an idea - and this idea came about after we visited the City of Jefferson's website, looking for information about seniors, or senior services in Jefferson.

As with many city and municipal websites, there is often a page dedicated to "newcomers" or "new residents." This information is very helpful, as it often times includes numbers and contacts for local utilities, telephone, and other emergency numbers.

However, we have really never seen a section on any city website dedicated to "senior newcomers." Wouldn't this be an important service, or section to include?

Seniors, especially those who are relocating to an assisted living home or facility, or perhaps to be closer to friends and family who may act as caregivers, may have different needs, and different interests in local services than perhaps a new, younger family moving into town.

A senior who is new to Jefferson, or any town may wish to know about the local Agency on Aging, or may not even realize that there is such an organization. An Agency on Aging is such an important local or county (area) service for any senior to be aware of, as they most often provide a wide array of services, advocacy, and help for local seniors and caregivers.

A "new senior resident" may also be interested in any local senior centers that are available, so they may participate in any of the classes, programs, or social events that may be provided. If the senior is beyond "driving age," or does not have the ability to drive any more, then information about local transportation services for seniors would be extremely helpful.

Another item that would be incredibly helpful for a new senior resident to know about would be any local 'meals on wheels' programs, or meal delivery services. This will be especially helpful for those seniors who may not have the family support or a dedicated caregiver, and for those seniors who are wishing to remain at home, instead of in an assisted living or long-term care environment.

We're not sure if this idea has already been taken, but wouldn't it be great if cities and towns like Jefferson adopted something similar, or the equivalent to a "Welcome Wagon for Seniors" program? Such a program would be a wonderful way to help seniors incorporate into their new surroundings, facility, or home, and to provide an immediate human contact for seniors, who may otherwise feel lonely or isolated after the big move has been made.

Changes in a facility's routine and effects on residents

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Bentley Assisted Living Jefferson, GA

Interior of Assisted Living

Jefferson, Georgia - Assisted Living & Alzheimer's Care

For more information please contact us at:
50 Sumner Way
Jefferson, GA 30549

Located in one of the most charming communities in the State of Georgia. Bentley is a state of the art community that offers a full compliment of amenities and supportive services designed to maximize independence and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. Residents have several living and amenities options that provide everything you need for comfortable, gracious living.

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Services and amenities include, but not limited to:

Personal care assistance
24-hour access to staff
Assistance with medications if needed
24-hour security and 24-hour emergency response
Scheduled transportation
Laundry service


Facility availability

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