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Aspen Leaf Assisted Living Facility - Flagler, Colorado

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Great questions and comments that we have received about Aspen Leaf, and assisted living that can serve as examples of the types of questions you and your family might consider asking potential facilities:

Q: Do you have a certified Alzheimer's Unit? Does your staff have training in caring for residents with cognitive loss and dementia care?

Q: Do you accept patients that suffer from short term memory loss? My brother is 54 and suffered a severe brain injury 32 years ago. He tends to wonder off and we are interested in a facility that would be locked down. - Brenda

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information about assisted living and involuntary discharge

One of the most unfortunate and emotionally challenging events that could happen in an assisted living facility is having you or your loved one asked to leave involuntarily.

At times, an assisted living facility may no longer have the staff, expertise, or equipment necessary to care for a resident whose condition may have deteriorated beyond what the facility can provide. This may be the case with a resident who has late-stage Alzheimer's, or perhaps a dementia or condition that makes the resident aggressive or abusive towards the staff.

In any case, this may be a sudden development with the resident, forcing them, and their family or caretakers to scramble for new long term care arrangements. Not an easy task if the resident does not live near immediate family or friends. It may also present a challenge if there are not many suitable options in the same area (rural areas, such as Flagler, Colorado are a good example).

Before committing to an assisted living facility, if possible, ask what their facility discharge policy is, and ask it they have this policy in writing. This way, you may be better prepared for, and understand when and why it may happen in the future.


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Aspen Leaf is an assisted living facility located in Flagler, Colorado. "Aspen Leaf Assisted Living Residence is focused on nurturing residents to help them reach their maximum potential.."

Tender Care Village Assisted Living

Aspen Leaf, Flagler assisted living facility

Flagler, CO - Small Home style facility in Small Town setting

Our home is your home. We love our residents and they get to enjoy a small town safer atmosphere. We are located 1 1/2 hours east of Denver of I-70 in the clean little town of Flagler.

Aspen Leaf Assisted Living
419 Pawnee Avenue
PO Box 426
Flagler, CO 80815

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Services and amenities include, but not limited to:

Direct Services
Private rooms with private bath
Laundry service
Cable TV
Daily activities
Home cooking
Family atmosphere
Staff 24/7
Friendly small town environment
Indirect Services
Beauty Shop on site
Home health services
Senior bus

(719) 765-4353  

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