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The Arbors Senior Living Assisted Living Facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Arbors senior living located in Tulsa

a party for the assisted living residents

seniors living at Arbors

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Tulsa, Oklahoma - Arbors Senior Living small in size big in service

Arbors Senior Living small in size big in service
The Arbors Senior Living is located in one of Tulsa's exclusive residential neighborhoods. We invite you to check us out, as you will be impressed by the total family environment and one on one direct care.

The Arbors Senior Living is a all inclusive rate.
There is no admission fee, no move in surprise where after a assessment period you find your rate has increased because it is determined you may need more services. The monthly rate includes-direct care, medication monitoring, meals service using fresh and organic foods, menus you plan, free transportation, housekeeping service, activity programs and outings.
James Blum, MA, BSHCA, LNHA


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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Registered dietitian consultant
Certified Administrators
Regular planned activities directed by a Certified Activities Director both on and off site
Certified medications administrators
Wellness programs
Continuing education programs
24-hour in-room access to immediate medical assistance
Housekeeping services
Ground floor entry to all residences and common areas
Individual climate control
Fire and smoke alarms throughout the facility
Comfortable, inviting great room with fireplace
Activities and game room
Elegant dining room
Weekly live entertainment: bands and other fun and stimulating activities
Church services and Bible study programs on site

Call Direct: (918) 347-7416

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