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Applewood Our House Assisted Living in Arvada, Colorado

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Q: My mother is currently living independently but she needs some help. Please send me more about your assisted living, especially the size and the price structure. - Laura

Q: My in laws need to graduate to assisted living. I would like to know the cost and what kind of nusing is included in that cost? - Alice

Q: Do you currently have room and how much do you charge fir a private room. - James


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Applewood Arvada assisted living

facility exterior view

Arvada, Colorado - Applewood Our House

Our mission is to Change Peoples Lives, we feel very strongly about giving our residents New Memories with caring relationships with our caregiving staff.

We work hard to build strong partnerships with our families to help them connect with other family members and resources out in the community. We will build homes that meet the physical, emotional and financial needs of our residents. We will develop and maintain premier properties, top notch staff to fully serve our community.

Applewood Our House, our mission is to provide an entire continuum of care by partnering with our clients to develop personalized nutrition plans, professionally developed geriatric exercise, mind stimulation, and meaningful activities.

We are also very focused on the safety of our homes with creating floor plans that are open and easy to move around, we have 24/7 care with a ratio of 1 Caregiver to – 6 residents at the homes.

We also have roll in showers, rooms that are a great size with privacy and a half bath, even in our companion rooms there is lots of light coming into the rooms with a closet, TV. Chair and lots of walls to create your own masterpiece of memories. We do allow pets and have a house dog as well.

Our pricing structure is a flat rate for a private / companion room with no add on prices, all inclusive.

(303) 956-9037

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