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Angel's Haven Adult Foster Care Home in El Paso, Texas

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Q: Does the facility accept Molina & Medicare. My mother has dementia and is also a diabetic - Annie


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Angel's Haven front view

Angel's Haven living room

back view


senior's room

El Paso, Texas: Angel's Heaven Adult Foster Home

"Together, we care adults physical, emotional and spiritual needs, from the ones who are unable to maintain their health while living alone to those who require hospice care". -María de los Ángeles

In Angel's Heaven, medical and personal care is provided to you in a manner that encourages maximun independence and enhances the quality of your life, but always protecting your dignity, choice and decision making. We provide care through a cooperative relationship between You and Us, so you can maximize your abilities to function at the highest possible level of independence.

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Services Offered

 Private furnished rooms with TV
 Free Transportation
 Sun garden
 No curfew
 24 hrs care
 Laundry and catering service

 Medication certified
 Behavioural management
 Intervention BMA
 Chronical degenerative disseasses
 Cancer patients
 City Licensed
 Estate License in process.


 Birthday parties
Cultural activities:
 movie nights etc.
 Bohemian nights
 Spa days
 Culture and costumes
 Arts & crafts


Contact Us
12256 Rancho Trail
El Paso, Tx. 79936
Phone +1 (915) 859 9662
Mobile +1 (915) 799 4648

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