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On this page: direct and safe Contact Facilities Directly!

Assisted Living Directory icon This page has been created to serve as a starting point for your research into assisted living in Anchorage.  We have included many of the wonderful assisted living & senior care options in the Anchorage area on this page - all may be contacted directly and safely.

Assisted Living Directory also provides detailed information on state and local services and agencies in Anchorage that are available to help seniors, caregivers, and their families.

[Video] Two Essential State/Local Agencies & Data Sources for Assisted Living Research - Anchorage
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I will also show you how to easily obtain a comprehensive excel spreadsheet of every licensed facility in Alaska, including Anchorage!

Anchorage, Alaska Salmon, Bears and Seniors – Oh My! 
Introduction by Trish Hughes Kreis

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city with 42 percent of the state’s population living in the city (New York, by comparison, is the only city in the United States with a higher percentage of residents living in the state’s largest city). Even though seniors (65 +) make up the smallest age group within Anchorage, adequate care and a solid safety net for them is essential in the often unforgiving climate of Alaska. Although, surprisingly, Anchorage is warmer than many think (reaching an average temperature of 68 degrees in the summer).

Salmon fishing, hiking (watch out for those bears!) and keeping an eye on the Northern Lights are a few of the spectacular reasons to visit Anchorage. But what if you are a senior or a caregiver for a senior living in Anchorage? Aside from enjoying the beauty of the city and its surroundings, what resources are available to ensure the safety and proper care of those needing assistance?

Resource Centers

State resources can be of assistance at the local level. The State of Alaska provides for Aging & Disability Resource Centers ( throughout the state connecting seniors or those with disabilities or their caregivers with all sorts of resources. Resources are available through these centers for people of all ages and income levels.

Anchorage (officially referred to as the Municipality of Anchorage) has their own website ( dedicated to the senior services available through state and municipality funding. Anchorage is “committed to enhance and support the quality of life of seniors through its senior services programs.”

Three of the Resource Centers supported by municipal and state grant funding are listed below:

1. The Municipality of Anchorage Human Services Aging & Disability Resource Center ( is one such center. Their goal is to “prevent those seeking long-term care support from having to navigate the maze of services alone.” Even figuring out which services are available much less applying for those services can be a daunting task but does not need to be navigated alone. Caregivers and seniors alike can take advantage of the resources provided by this agency.

2. Anchorage Senior Activity Center (, run by the non-profit Anchor-Age Center is another great resource center. It can be difficult to sort through the paperwork involved in order to apply to various federal and state programs but this (image: example of assisted living home in Anchorage)center will assist with referrals and give members assistance and information about programs, health and housing. Come for the information and stay for the social activities! There’s an emphasis on “activity” at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center. Members can learn not only arts and crafts, use and learn computers but can participate in a variety of recreational activities such as dancing, billiards, cards and monthly birthday parties. There are membership dues associated with different levels of service but there appears to be a program available for everyone.

3. Chugiak - Eagle River Senior Center ( This organization is operated by the non-profit Chugiak Senior Citizens, Inc. This center has grown from a small facility in 1975 to a 100,000 square foot facility today. The center, which operates senior housing at their facility, provides both independent and assisted living options as well as day programs. The Chugiak – Eagle Rivers Senior Center also coordinates a Meals-on-Wheels program to homebound seniors.


Several housing options are available for seniors needing extra care. The Providence Horizon House listed in the Assisted Living Directory is one such facility providing a wide range of services for many levels of care.

The State of Alaska DHSS ( provides additional housing links as well as information about in-home services.

Alaska is also one of many states which offer a Waiver Program for home-based care, or funding for an Assisted Living Facility or Skilled Nursing Facility. There are a wide variety of available waiver programs and eligibility requirements can be very specific so it is important to check the programs offered through the State of Alaska. The Alaskan Health and Human Services website can be found at

General Resources

The Older Persons Action Group (OPAG) is another non-profit organization which provides seniors with information and assistance for tasks ranging from income tax assistance to general advocacy. Their website is full of useful links to numerous senior support services and agencies (

The public Para-Transit system in Anchorage, known as “AnchorRIDES” ( provides much needed transportation services to seniors as well as those with disabilities. Services may be provided under a variety of service providers so please check the website for details on eligibility requirements.

The Area Agency on Aging serving the Aleutians East and West counties can be found at The website for the Area Agency on Aging serving Anchorage County can be found at Both agencies will be able to help point seniors or their caregivers in the right direction for services available in their county which are needed to keep them healthy, safe and happy.

Once housing has been found and services researched and evaluated (and social activities enjoyed!), there will be time to relax and reminisce about salmon fishing or hiking with bears and to enjoy the splendor of the Northern Lights.

Anchorage Assisted Living: Featured Facilities & Services

front view of facility

Campbell Creek House

Our facility is a brand new state-of-the-art building which was designed and built to promote safety emotional health and wellbeing of residents, it features 40 private and semi-private rooms.

More Information
& Contact Campbell Creek House Directly!
living area Kro

Kro Assisted Living

High Quality Assisted Living in Anchorage! Kro Assisted Living is a premier assisted living home in the Anchorage area. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the everyday lives of our residents and our resident’s families. We specialize in providing respectful, effective care in a safe and comfortable environment for seniors who have assisted living needs.

More Information
& Contact Kro Directly!
living room and social area

Anchorage - Comfort ALH

Availability at Comfort Assisted Living Home, Inc. Comfort Assisted Living Home is a single-level home with wheelchair access and private rooms. We provide a safe, clean, and quiet atmosphere for our residents! Please contact the administrator if you would like to schedule a tour of the home.

More Information
& Contact Comfort ALH Directly!
Serenity Circle is a lovely assisted living home located in Anchorage which accepts Private Pay.  This is a smaller facility that has capacity for 5

Anchorage - Serenity Circle Assisted Living Home

"We have been in the field 12 years and looking forward to taking care of the Elderly that is a blessing in our home."

13050 Badger Ln, Anchorage, Alaska

More Information
& Contact Serenity Circle Directly!

Additional Assisted Living & Senior Care Options for Anchorage

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***Great Tip: Select the 'map' links in this section to see a 'street view' photo of the facility.

List Your Facility - any licesned facility or residential care home in Anchorage may participate on this page!


A place of safety, comfort, security and peace in your Father's Arm.

My Father's House

6951 Shane Place,Anchorage, AK 99507

Services provided:
Three nutritious meals daily
Snacks available throughout the day
Reminders with medication and appointments
Assistance with bathing and hygiene care
Weekly housekeeping and daily trash removal
Three time a week personal laundry (except dry cleaning)
Referral to counseling and community resources
Recreational, educational and hobby programs Utilities (excluding cable and phone)
Wellness visits by RN or APN


“My Father’s House has provided consistently attentive, affectionate and knowledgeable care for my mother in more than 2 years she has resided there. The surroundings are comfortable and well-kept, the caretakers cheerful and kind, and cooperate in keeping me informed about her well-being”. ...Carol R. Dee

“I’m so grateful for My Father’s House. Putting a loved one in an assisted living facility can be very difficult. Thankfully I’d found a place where my mother can call home. She is always clean, well fed and surrounded by others who love her. I’m also thankful for the support and relationship I have developed with caring staff. It’s truly a blessing.” ...Angie Peterkin

Please contact, Doddie Belino Davison
Phone: 907-334-3391
Cell: 907-227-3364


Act Assisted Living LLC. : A place to call home!

Our professionally qualified is committed to provide your senior and disabled loves one an enhanced quality of life they more than deserve.

We not only see assisted living duty as a professional vocation, but also see it as a duty call from the heart, which is why we pride ourselves for our commitment, professionalism, and availability to always do our best through our journey of servicing you and your love ones. The facility is a ranch style home located in a very quiet neighborhood on South Anchorage, Alaska.

Feel free to contact us for more information as we are looking forward to hear from you,
Rahab Yimga, RN
Tel. 907 764-5258


Anchor Care Assisted Living Home

AnchorCare assisted living

5225 East 22nd Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99508
(907) 332-0514


Golden Heart Assisted Living

T3713 Robin Street
Anchorage, AK 99504
(907) 339-9198


KAMALANI assisted living home.....

Kamalani assisted living

310 Bunnell St

We offer 24/7 service for elderly clients and people who experience physical disabilities.
Zayda Pentecostes
Anchorage, Alaska 99508
Licensed by State of Alaska

Bayshore Assisted Living

Bayshore assisted living

10911 Kamishak Bay Circle
Anchorage, AK 99515
(907) 677-6307


Mama's Assisted Living Homes

Mamas assisted living of Anchorage

Facilities: 9630 Albatross Drive Anchorage, Alaska 99502
2531 Curlew Circle Anchorage, Alaska 99502
2529 Curlew Circle Anchorage, Alaska 99502
9270 Aphrodite Drive Anchorage, Alaska 99515
(907) 301-0111


Marlow Manor Assisted Living

Marlow Manor assisted living inside view

2030 Muldoon Road
Anchorage, AK 99504
(907) 338-8708

Floor Plans:
Studio (Approx. 300 sq.ft.)
Alcove (Approx. 370- 385 sq.ft)
One Bedroom (Approx. 440 sq.ft)

Midnight Sun Home Care Inc

241 East 5th Avenue #204
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 677-7890


Providence Horizon House

For Alaskan seniors no longer able to live alone comfortably or safely, this assisted living community promotes dignity and well-being by allowing continued participation in the responsibilities and freedoms of life. Providence Horizon House encourages residents to be as independent as possible, giving them the opportunity to make individual choices, yet keeping them close to assistance, if needed. Horizon House offers apartment style living for those who require traditional assisted living needs and has two cottages for residents with Alzheimer's and other memory disorders.

Choice, privacy, dignity and independence are cornerstones of this assisted living community. Residents live in their own apartments and receive assistance as needed with everyday tasks. The community has several common areas, including a dining room that connects with a courtyard; parlor; activity room; study and other quiet areas. The facility also has a full-service hair salon.


Rabe Assisted Living Home is located in Anchorage providing assisted living services to seniors

4941 Alpha Circle
Anchorage ,Alaska 99516
907 727-4723

Josephine Balgenorth

We have an opening

Sheylas assisted living of Anchorage

Sheyla's place Assisted living home 907 258 0755 3724 E 16th AVE ANCHORAGE AK 99508 SHEYLAROOK@AOL.COM

We have an opening in our assisted living home @ this moment friendly staff 24/7.

168 Senior Assistance and Assisted Living Home

168 Senior Assistance Home

License # 100806
# of residents: 4
1736 W. 11th Ave
Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 338-8168


Aaron Assisted Living & Residential Facility

Aaron Assisted Living & Residential Care

PH: 230-0358

3800 Gardner St.
Anchorage, Alaska
Capacity: 5

Kro Assisted Living

Kro Assisted Living

More Information

Additional Information & Support

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***Get a comprehensive .pdf / Excel list of facilities for Anchorage, compiled from trusted state-of-Alaska data.

Excel / PDF List example for Anchorage facilities

Anchorage Senior Activity Center
1300 East 19th Avenue • Anchorage, Alaska 99501 • Ph 907.258.7823
Hours: Mon thru Thu 8 AM - 5 PM • Fri 8 AM-5 PM or Midnight on dance nights • Closed Sat • Closed Sunday Website

Anchorage Senior Activity Center (Video)

Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center
22424 N Birchwood Loop
Chugiak, AK 99567
Ph: (907) 688-2668

Assisted Living Facilities, Senior and Long Term Care in Anchorage, Alaska (AK)

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