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Ana's Private Care Home Assisted Living Facility, Lawrenceville, Georgia

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Some interesting questions we have received regarding assisted living and memory care that outline the confusion and complexity surrounding assisted living:

**My mom has 2nd stage Alzheimer's and additionally she is wheel chair bound although she can maneuver from the bed to the chair. Can your facility accommodate her needs? She is currently in an assisted living facility - Darlynn

**My sister, and probably her husband will need assisted living in the near future. She had her right leg amputated below the knee about Nov. 2009. She has twice been scheduled for a quad heart by-pass, so as soon as she is able, this is planning to be done. Her husband had complications from hernia surgery and surgery was redone about two months ago and is healing slowly. I am not certain that they will ever be able to live unassisted again.

* Do you have a VA advocate? I also need to know about the cost. Also, do you accept Medicaid?

* Are medications dispensed by a LPN or RN?

* I am looking for an alternative to a nursing home for my mother who suffered a stroke that left her left side paralyzed. Please send a brochure.

* My mom has 2nd stage Alzheimer's and additionally she is wheel chair bound although she can maneuver from the bed to the chair. Can your facility accommodate her needs? She is currently in an assisted living facility

* Do you provide wound care for pre-existing wounds? or are you able to contract with existing home health agencies for that service? What is the staff per resident ratio? How is the cost/ price schedule determined?

* May I bring my paints?

* My father is terminally ill and may receive a heart transplant if appropriate accommodations are met. I live in another state and do not have family close to Georgia at all. My father is applying for Medicare and I was wondering if your facility or any others that you are aware of in Georgia will take Medicare once he is approved for it? Please assist.

* Want to know if any programs are accepted through your facility such as medicare, disability, etc

* Can you please let me know the cost for an 87 year old with dementia / Alzheimer's disease? He is physically independent.

Interesting questions and comments we have received about Ana's PCH in Lawrenceville:

I am a health-worker in Lawrenceville appointed to the White House Conference on Aging. I do health talks, stress management workshops and onsite chiropractic care for residents and staff. I am also a musician and can arrange entertainment. With whom shall I speak to discuss the possibility of working with your facility?

Looking for Medicare facility for my 88 year old Mother with Alzheimer's. She has been in our home with us for three years, and is slowing getting to the point we can no longer care for her at home. Unfortunately, she does not have long term care insurance, no resources for private pay. Thanking you in advance. - Susan


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A video slideshow and audio tour of
Ana's Private Care Home
(Information and images provided by the facility)

Lawrenceville, Georgia - Ana's PHC Private Care Home

Contact Us via email using the contact form below to schedule an appointment to tour our facilities and learn more about the services we offer.

Our Address:

1883 Farmwood Dr NW
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043

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Our services include:

Twenty-four hour supervision
Assistance with bathing
Dressing and personal care as needed
Daily housekeeping and laundry and linen services as needed
Home health services (including hospice care, in-house doctor's visits)
transportation arrangements as needed
& much more!

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