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Always Comfort Care Assisted Living Facility, Litchfield Park, AZ

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Great questions from our visitors about Always Comfort Care and assisted living:

(These questions may serve as examples of the types of questions you and your family might ask your potential assisted living home)

Q: I need to place my mother and father my father is able to take care of himself he just needs reminding to take his meds, my mother is more on care she has numerous issues and is unable to transfer herself she is in a nursing home and I don't care for the way she is treated she still has the right to dignity! can you provide for them?

Q: Are you ALTCS certified? Do you have any openings? What insurance do you take?

Q: I am looking to bring my sister to Arizona and she needs 24/7 care. She has memory disorders and wheelchair bound. Is your facility wheelchair accessible?

Q: Hello. I am looking for a place for my mom and your facility is located not very far away. Do you have any availability in a semi private room or maybe private if it's affordable. The place looks nice and clean but I hope it's in my price range.

Q: I am a snowbird from up north, moving to Arizona at the end of the month. I previously had my CNA license in another state and worked for a long-term care facility and in-home care. My license expired in 2007 and I am looking to get back into the field and get certified. My husband was in an accident and I had to take care of him for the past 5 years. He has now recovered completely and I am looking to get back in the work force. I have experience. Do you offer training clases? I enjoyed this type of work and am a very caring individual. I am familiar with Litchfield Park area. I have excellent transportation and am very dependable. I am a young 47. - Michelle

***We don't usually recommend e-mailing facilities about CNA jobs, but we have to say that this one was worded pretty well...- ALD

Q: Do you have current availability for a ALTCS resident who uses a wheel chair and walker? - Alfred

Q: I am looking for a home to place my parents in. We would prefer a 1 bedroom with kitchen and amenities. Also looking for somewhere that offers extra curricular activities. Do you have an activities director? Could you please send me more info including price, conditions etc. We want to place them ASAP.

Q: Hello! I'm helping my sister find an Assisted Living facility in or near Tucson, AZ. My sister is 58 yrs old, but is unable to live alone & care for herself. She's a cardiac patient with Back injuries, and is under the care of a few different doctors in the area. Does Always Comfort Care provide for such people, or are you only available for Seniors? How many residents is your facility certified for? What is the cost? Do you take residents to doctor's appointments (provide transportation?)

Q: How many residents is your facility certified for?

A: This is a good question to ask, and also follow up with what is the staffing ratio to residents at any facility you are interested in. You can usually look up the number of residents that a facility is licensed for by viewing it's licensing information with the state - usually within the Department of Health and Long-Term Care Licensing.


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Always Comfort Care is located in warm & sunny Phoenix, Arizona

This is a dual-occupancy room at this assisted living facility

Our seniors enjoy dining in our well-appointed meal area.

Residents are encouraged to socialize and partake in activities at Always Comfort Care


Litchfield Park, Arizona - Home of Southern Hospitality

Facility information and photos were provided directly by Always Comfort Care Assisted Living, and they may be contacted directly below!

Always Comfort Care is an assisted living facility located in Litchfield Park, Arizona. Located in Litchfield Park, Az in a gated community, private & semi private rooms fully furnished with flat screen tv's included.

Always Comfort Care Assisted Living Located at 13237 W Colter St, Litchfield Park, AZ. 85340

Contact Myra directly using the contact form below.

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Services Included:
Medication assistance
3 homecooked meals daily
Laundry/housekeeping done a daily basis
Recreation and outings
Well trained and certified caregivers
and a lot more to offer!

Home of Southern Hospitality:
Call Direct: (623) 225-1282

Contact Always Comfort Care Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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