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Sunset Vista Assisted Living Facility in Silver City, New Mexico

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Interesting questions and comments that we have received about Sunset Vista and assisted living:

How many residents?
How many staff are in house all night? Do you offer services like hairdressing, nail-trimming,etc?
Are there frequent pet visits?

Is there space available for a male and what is the monthly charge at Sunset Vista? Are tours available and when can I see the facility? Looking for room for local resident. When is the best time to call? - Miguel

Q: Can you send cost info and a list of extra expenses that Mom might incur while living there. Diana

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Q: My mother is 90 yrs old. She can dress and feed herself and use the bathroom. She walks without a walker... She does walk slowly. She takes a few meds like BP and eye drops. She has a very bad memory. She is currently in another state on Medicaid. Would she qualify for your facility ? - Lesley

Q: My parents are in their mid 80s and will be needing help sometime in the near future. They have expressed an interest in assisted living facilities. Do you have information on your facility you can send me about Sunset Vista? Thank you. - Donna

Q: My aunt needs a place where she can live in the same building as her husband who has Alzheimer's but he needs to be in a locked unit because he wanders. Does your facility have something like that? Have a blessed day! - Bev

Q: Availability for one with SSDI award notice? - Jeffrey

Q: Hello, My name is Margie and I am in need of a care facility. I have MS and I am now in a wheelchair 24/7. Your pictures look very nice and I would like to come visit and could you give me price on approximate price per day. I do need assistance getting in bed and may need assistance with toilet use depending on the toilet set-up you have. I await your correspondence, - Margie

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Silver City, New Mexico - Sunset Vista Assisted Living

SUNSET VISTA Assisted Living is known throughout the State of New Mexico for quality care, and was specifically designed and built to meet the needs of those who require assistance with their Activities of Daily Living (ALD's). Sunset Vista an assisted living facility that meets or exceeds all State requirements for licensing and is in compliance with all state, count, and city codes.

SUNSET VISTA accepts residents who have physical and / or mental disabilities who do not require full time skilled nursing care.

SUNSET VISTA is a certified D&E Medicaid Waiver Provider. Medicaid number D3756.

Contact Us:
Elizabeth Sircy
E-mail directly: Please use the contact form below

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SUNSET VISTA has so much to offer, below are some features:

24 hour care, with staff awake and on duty at all hours.

A structured activity program.

Free Tickets and transportation to community concerts at Western New Mexico University.

Transportation for medical care at no extra charge.

Telephone for residents use.

Cable TV in all bedrooms. Private telephone hook-ups in all bedrooms.

Nursing assessment done by the staff nurse at no extra charge to residents.

Laundry service included at no extra charge.

Semi-private and private rooms.

We accept both male and female residents.

Live music get-togethers on a monthly basis for the residents and their families.

Holiday activities for residents and their families.

TV and VCR for movie watching in the lounge area.

(575) 538-9095

Contact Sunset Vista Directly:

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