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Serenity Assisted Living Facility in Dilworth, Minnesota

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One of the things I was trained to do years ago while working in the hospitality industry is to always pay attention to the small details. They are so important, and they do tell volumes about how any business is managed. The assisted living industry is no different.

What does it potentially say about a facility that has wilted flowers on the tables, and perhaps garbage in the main entryway of the facility? Does that mean that the kitchen is also in the same, neglected state? Another example that we have seen that has potentially serious implications is when the facility misspells marketing materials, like a brochure, or an online ad. The implication being that if they can't take the time to do a spellcheck, are they going to take the time to make sure your mother, who has Alzheimer's, gets the correct medication at the correct time?

Details are important. I used to have a boss who, at the busiest time of day would ask me to 'take a walk' with him to go find burned out light bulbs. I am convinced that he chose the busiest, most hectic time of day for me so that I would eventually become trained to see those types of things regardless of how many other things were demanding my attention.

As you tour an assisted living facility, take the time to look around and notice the 'details' of the facility - good and bad. A fresh vase of flowers on the dining room table can tell you a lot about the facility!

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On this page: direct and safe Contact This Facility Directly!
Serenity is an assisted living facility located in Dilworth, Minnesota. "It is a quite and cozy 23 bed facility that offers all the amenities that any assisted living in the area offers."
Serenity Assisted Living - Exterior View of the Facility
Dilworth, Minnesota - Serenity Assisted Living, Continuing your life's journey with dignity, respect& integrity

Tim & Elaine Anderson privately own and operate Serenity (they also live on site). It is a quite and cozy 23 bed facility that offers all the amenities that any assisted living in the area offers. Please check out the website or stop over for some coffee and cookies.

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Unlike many other Assisted Living facilities, Serenity is unique in the fact that the administration lives on site! Serenity offers the following services and amenities in one package price:

Spacious Room Suite or Studio
Individually Controlled Heating and Air Conditioning
Ample Closet and Storage Space
Utilities (Electricity, Heat and Garbage
Emergency Call System in Each Room
Kitchenette with Microwave and Refrigerator
Fire Detector and Sprinklers System
Three Meals a Day Plus Snacks
Whirlpool Spa Bath Area, Beauty/Barber Shop
Computer Area
Medication Setups
24 Hour Staffing
Community Area with Fireplace
Scheduled Transportation / Medical Visits
Landscaped Gardens and Walking Paths
Weekly Housekeeping and Weekly Laundry Services
RN Oversight with Blood Pressure Monitoring and Blood Sugars
Planned Social
Educational and Recreational Programs & So Much More!

You can contact us at:
218-477-7254 or email using the contact form below:

Our address is
1125 Oakview Drive
Dilworth, MN 56529



Contact Serenity Assisted Living Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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