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SeniorCare Homes LLC Alzheimer's Care in Overland Park, KS

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SeniorCare Homes LLC

Vineyard House from SeniorCare Homes on Vimeo.

beautiful interior


dining room with wood floors

care home exterior

Overland Park, Kansas - SeniorCare Homes

SeniorCare Homes offers individualized Alzheimers care in Kansas City at five family atmosphere small residential eldercare homes, each with 24/7 licensed caregivers and nurses, and on-call doctors specialized in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and memory loss. Our homes are real homes with patios, gardens, and yards to provide the most comfortable living space and stable assisted living environment for your loved ones. Each home only nurtures 5-8 residents, which allows caregivers to offer the most personalized care and cater to individual's specific needs. Our caregivers take pride in knowing detailed knowledge of each patient's needs and routine.

Contact Us
SeniorCare Homes, LLC.
5200 W 94th Terrace
Suite 115
Prairie Village, KS 66207

Ph: 913.236.0036

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Services and Amenities
Keypad access on exit doors
Motion sensor safety system
Fire sprinkler system
Backup generators
Laundry and housekeeping services
Exercise machines and sporting equipment
Gardens and walking paths
Netflix, Wii games, iPads
Bible studies
Physical and Occupational therapy
Mobile X-Rays
Geriatric doctors and psychiatrists on-call
Dental hygienists on-call
Fulltime licensed nurses available 24/7
Hospice services

SeniorCare Homes works closely with the Alzheimer's Association which offers support groups, an educational library and other services, such as Memories in the Making, a weekly program all residents can join free of charge. SeniorCare Homes is a designated provider of this inspiring program with five certified instructors on staff.

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