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Personal reflections and memories of San Clemente, and why it is such a wonderful place to live!

I have been visiting San Clemente since the early 1970's. I remember feeling the sand on the beach getting caught between my 10 little toes before I had as many words in my vocabulary.

Now that I am 'grown' - San Clemente still retains all of it's magic and draw as it ever has. It hasn't changed much over the years. When we visit San Clemente nowadays, I have my wife and our 6-year old son in-tow, which is somewhat of a 'circle of life' feeling. We stay in the same place as we always have (a condo that is generously 'donated' to us for a week each year by my wonderful aunt and uncle), and we still take evening walks up Del Mar street. Nothing really jumps out at me that is 'different' and there are really no obvious signs that San Clemente has grown much. These are all good things.

I notice some of these "same" things a little differently now. The library, on Del Mar street looks the same as it always has, but I notice something peculiar about the sign out front. The sign prominently displays "Senior Center" above the verbiage/sign that says "County of Orange San Clemente Library." Maybe this is a small reflection on the values and demographics of San Clemente. Of course, there are an abundance of younger folks, but seniors are very prominent, visible, and active here. It's sure nice to see.

This past year, my wife and I brought my mother-in-law to San Clemente with us. She is in her 80's, and had just gotten over fighting Cancer, and seemed to be winning. Seeing her on her beach, with her scarf covering her bald head, walking on the beach in her bare feet (she was reading a book called 'Earthing' that discusses the benefits of walking in bare feet), we thought that she truly had crossed back into being healthy, and happy again. Introducing her to San Clemente was truly magical.

Unfortunately, not long after she returned home (back east), her health took a turn for the worse, and she has been in a nursing home ever since (she was too ill to go into assisted living, so she went straight from the hospital to a nursing facility). Her point of positive reference now is 'getting back to the beach' - and she brings this up almost every time we talk. San Clemente has offered her a goal, and a reason to keep going. We hope that we can see her back there sometime in the future - healthy again, and "Earthing" her way back through the magic of San Clemente.

San Clemente, of all of the places I have ever been, is one of the few places that I can visit, and leave with a sense of renewal, and better perspective on life. I have been on vacations to many other places in the world, and often times, at the end of the vacation, I am ready to leave, and I am tired. Not so with San Clemente. When vacation comes to a close here, I am refreshed, calmer, and saddened that I have to leave.

My wife and I are actively discussing retiring here when that day comes. We've always been "mountain people" but we can easily imagine transitioning to being 'senior beachcombers' when our golden years finally arrive.

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Assisted Living Directory iconThis page is dedicated to providing helpful and accurate information for assisted living and senior care in San Clemente, California.

[Video] San Clemente Pier Video Montage HD
Video Produced by Assisted Living Directory
Considering retirement in San Clemente? Not sure? Maybe our video montage taken on and around the beautiful Pier area will help you to decide!

San Clemente falls under the guidance and support of the Orange County Office on Aging, which 'serves as the lead advocate, planner and facilitator relative to all aging issues on behalf of all older persons in Orange County.' The Office on Aging offers quite a bit of helpful information to seniors and their families from their website, including a guide to their services; information for Healthy Aging; News & Views; and information regarding local events and happenings in San Clemente and Orange County that are of interest to seniors.

Existing residents of San Clemente's numerous assisted living and long-term care facilities may also access the Orange County Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program (714-479-0107). A Long-Term Care Ombudsman plays an essential role in maintaining the well-being of seniors, as well as their relationship with the facilities that care for them.

In addition, the City of San Clemente has it's own list of offerings and services available to seniors in their Senior Services section of their website. Services include Non-medical transportation; group transportation; a shopper shuttle and information regarding their Seniornet Cyber Café.

We hope the facilities, and information on this page provide a useful starting point for your research into assisted living options in beautiful San Clemente! Intro by

San Clemente Assisted Living: Featured Facilities & Services

San Clemente Villas Assisted Living is a fun,  lively setting for seniors, while also providing a small beach town atmosphere

San Clemente, California - Resort Retirement Living San Clemente Villas by the Sea

660 Camino de los Mares
San Clemente, CA 92673

Small Beach Town, great weather all year round, ocean views and cool ocean breezes. All-Inclusive Services in your One Monthly Rate, 3 Meals daily in our fine dining room

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Assisted Living & Residential Senior Care Options - San Clemente

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San Clemente Villas Video Tour

Mimi's Guest Home
333 Calle Escuela
San Clemente, CA 92672
Licensed Beds: 5
Also provides hospice care


Rosehaven of San Clemente

309 Calle Sandia
San Clemente, CA 92672
Licensed Beds: 6

Mirabel by the Sea

Mirabel by the Sea

249 Calle Empalme
San Clemente, CA 92672
Licensed Beds: 6
Also provides hospice care

Seaview Care Home

Seaview Care Home front view

2827 Calle Guadalajara
San Clemente, CA 9267
Licensed Beds: 6
Also provides hospice care

Accent on Seniors

Accent on seniors facility entrance

273 Via Ballena
San Clemente, CA 92672
Licensed Beds: 6
Also provides hospice care

Casa Paraiso - Arlena

413 Avenida Arlena
San Clemente, CA 92672
Licensed Beds: 6
Also provides hospice care

California Lifestyles

California Lifestyles senior care with hospice

715 Calle Amable
San Clemente, CA 92673
Licensed Beds: 6

Learn more about the many facilities and options in San Clemente, including ratings and inspection reports.

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Photos of San Clemente and it's healing beauty

Mother-in-law healing as she trods across the sand in San Clemente

This is a photo of my mother-in-law (82), who we took to San Clemente in the summer of 2011, after she had temporarily 'beaten' some serious illnesses (see the full story in the sidebar). This turned out to be one of the most meaningful and healing trips she had ever taken.

Beauty in San Clemente

San Clemente Sunset. No wonder so many seniors choose to call San Clemente "Home!"

San Clemente senior center signage and library

I thought that it is interesting that the sign for the San Clemente Senior Center is placed higher than, and more prominently than the library signage.

Additional Support

Senior Care Advisor Jason for San Clemente

CSA Certified Senior Care Advisor Local to San Clemente / SoCal

I am local to Southern California and I work with San Clemente's seniors and families to identify the best fit for assisted living, Alzheimer's care or independent living that matches your specific needs, budget, and special circumstances. I am certified, and my services are completely free of charge.

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Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Care Options in San Clemente, California (CA)

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