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Peppers Estate Assisted Living Facility in Santa Barbara, California

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Q: I would like some infomation sent to me by mail. - Terri

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Q: My parents are in need of assisted/nursing care accommodations. My Mom has Alzheimer's but is in fairly good health and ambulatory. My Father has many health issues and is not ambulatory. They would like to stay together. Please let me know if you have accommodations for this. - Jennie

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Peppers Estate is an assisted living facility located in Santa Barbara, California. "Beautiful Montecito / Santa Barbara 6 bed Care Home. We are in a grand 1885 nine bedroom, 13 bath mansion on 1.6 garden acres"
Peppers Estate assisted living in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California - Peppers Estate

Peppers Estate Located at 430 Hot Springs Road, Santa Barbara, CA. 93108

Beautiful Montecito / Santa Barbara 6 bed Care Home. We are in a grand 1885 nine bedroom, 13 bath mansion on 1.6 garden acres. We have an excellent reputation starting in 2003, and we love our work and our seniors. We handle many types of behaviors and we have a hospice waiver. Please call us to see our availability.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

6 bed Care Home

1.6 garden acres
excellent reputation
We handle many types of behaviors
we have a hospice waiver

(805) 451-2222

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