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Patti Lewis Care Home Assisted Living Facility in Howell, Michigan

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Patti Lewis Care Home of Howell, Michigan

Patti Lewis Care Home of Howell, Michigan - Long-Term Dementia Care and Elder Care

Our Mission: To maximize the Quality of Life for each person entrusted to our care. Each of our 14 residents receives individual care and support from an exceptional staff. Call 517-545-1275 anytime or use the form below to contact us for information.


We provide 24 hr continuing care in a home setting, for all of life with:

Home cooked meals, snacks
Medication management and assistance
Appropriate eating & feeding assistance
Personal hygiene, bathing care
Daily activities are all included
We support Hospice and Palliative care in our home.

Call 517-545-1275 anytime or use the form below to contact us for more information.

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