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Pam's Helping Hands Assisted Living in El Mirage, Arizona

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Q: My female friend is 64 yrs old, has MS and recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. She really shouldn't be living alone anymore. I believe she is on SSI and Medicare. That is her only income. Do you take in a person like her? And how much would a room cost? She needs to apply for Arizona Longterm Care to help with costs. Her daughters haven't been helping her a lot. I live out of state and do the best I can thru the internet. Thank you for your time! - Donna

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Pam's House assisted living

El Mirage, Arizona - Pam's Helping Hands

Pam’s Helping Hands Located at 12829 W Laurel LN, El Mirage, Arizona. 85335

The Service of Pam's Helping Hands are tailored to the individuals needs and provide reliable one on one assistance. We begin by reviewing your needs through discussion with you and your family members. Next, working in conjunction with you and your loved ones, we develop a customized program to manage your daily needs.

Email us directly: Please use the contact form below


Our Services Include

Providing assistance in performing activities of daily living(as required)
Transferring from wheelchair and walker
Hygiene Assistance
Meal Preparation
Three nutritious “home cooked” meals served daily
Running Errands
Doctors appointments
Recreational Activities
Medication reminders
Affordable monthly Rates
24 hour Service

Contact us at 623-218-7020

Contact Pam's Helping Hands Directly:

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