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Open Arms Assisted Living Facility, Los Angeles, CA

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Open Arms Assisted Living Facilities

Living Area

Assisted Living Room

Los Angeles, California - Open Arms Turner Homes - Extending Our Arms to the Community

Founded in 2002, Open Arms Turner Homes has always attempted to give the best quality care for its Residents. We have homes that fit the needs of your loved ones and can offer them the proper care that is needed to assist them in their daily lives. If taking care of your loved one has become more of a challenge to you then you anticipated, or maybe your love one just wants to remain independent in their older age; or maybe you don't have enough room to house them, what ever the case may be, please allow us to assist you in helping them get the top quality assistance they so greatly deserve. Call today for placement... Let us extend our arms to you


Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Single and double rooms
Fully furnished
3 meals per day
Assist with medication
Cable, phone
Maid service
All amenities and personal care needs are included
Transportation is also included to doctor's appointments and other outside activities
24 hour staffing

PHONE: 323-292-7418

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