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Assisted Living Directory iconThis page was created to provide a useful, interesting and accurate starting point for your research into the handful of senior care and assisted living options  located in Oak Park, Michigan.

The facilities on this page may be contacted directly and safely!

For additional facility options nearby, please visit our Detroit assisted living page. Intro by

Oak Park Assisted Living: Featured Facilities & Services

Bloom senior living in Oak Park

Oak Park, MI - Priority Blue Group Homes

Priority Blue Group Homes Priority Blue where you are a priority. The company is owned by a licensed well established medical professional. Therefore, every client's well being is of utmost importance. Private and semi-private rooms available. This property offers hardwood flooring, updated kitchen, and nice outdoor grounds.

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& Contact Priority Blue Group Homes Directly!

Bloom senior living in Oak Park

Oak Park, MI - Bloom - Quality Senior Adult Living in a Home Environment

Bloom Assisted Living is dedicated to improving the well-being of Senior Adults by providing quality care, loving companionship with our 'care-partners', and meaningful activities in a warm, safe, caring home environment. For more information call Suzy Mulka at 248-996-2040 Bloom Assisted Living is a state licensed home in a residential setting with private or semi-private rooms.

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& Contact Bloom Senior Living Directly!

Additional Senior Care Options for Oak Park, MI

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Blakely's Tender Care

Capacity: 6


Five Star Residential Care

Capacity: 6

Prioroty Blue Guest Homes

Priority Blue Guest Homes

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Bloom Senior Living

Bloom Senior Living

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Additional Support

Our Michigan assisted living page highlights a great State-sponsored search tool that lists additional senior care options in Oak Park, and statewide!

Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Care in Oak Park, Michigan (MI)

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