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New Dawn Memory Care Assisted Living Facility in Sun City, Arizona

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Interesting questions we have received about New Dawn Memory and assisted living -

Q: I wanted to find out if you accept Medical and social security, and do you provide a lock down unit for people in need of memory care?

**A great question to ask. Lock down units can prevent issues like Wandering with residents who have Alzheimer's or other memory disorders. - ALD

Q: Can you please send me a sheet on the cost for your New Dawn facility? - Shari

***Some people still like to have 'paper in hand' over seeing it on a computer! - ALD

Q: I am an LPN and am interested in working for New Dawn. I am currently an Assisted Living Manager and am seeking to be a staff nurse working 12 hour shifts. May I send my application to you.
Thank You for your time. - Pam

***Assisted Living Directory has put together a page on getting an LPN or caregiving job that may offer some useful tips!

Q: Do you have a private room available? is the facility locked so residence cannot leave on their own? furnished or unfurnished? 90 yr old stepmom, confused but not dementia diagnosis. - Deb

Q: Hello New Dawn Care:

I am the daughter of a senior who is looking for an assisted living environment. She has been approved for ALTCS. If you do take ALTCS and can answer some questions. If you do not take ALTCS please disregard this message. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

- Kim - Daughter of potential resident

Q: How many residents do you accommodate?
Do residents have their own bathroom?
Costs? - Darla

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New Dawn Memory Care, Sun City

assisted living interior for seniors

living area for New Dawn residents


Sun City West, Arizona - New Dawn Memory Care

New Dawn Memory Care Located at 12820 Beardsley Rd W, Sun City West, AZ. 85375
What’s so special about New Dawn Memory Care?

Care for individuals with memory impairment including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is our sole focus. We don’t try to be all things to all people. We specialize in caring for individuals throughout all stages of memory loss, including individuals with challenging symptoms. We do more than just create good days - we work with our residents and families to fight the progression of dementia and related disorders through proper health care oversight, nutrition, and memory enhancing activities. Our specially designed completely secure buildings, on-site nurses around the clock, and experienced staff provides you with the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. The research and information related to dementia care is constantly changing and New Dawn Memory Care considers itself to be on the cutting edge in the care of those living with this disease. We pride ourselves in offering state-of-the-art care and service in everything we do.

The leader of New Dawn Memory Care has been caring for older adults for more than 25 years.

New Dawn Memory Care is the culmination of Mr. Daumit’s 25 years of experience developing and operating specialized communities for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments. Every detail of New Dawn Memory Care is based on Mr. Daumit’s extensive experience, knowledge and passion for his residents and their families. Prior to founding New Dawn Memory Care, Mr. Daumit was the Chairman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Potomac Group Home Corporation-a successful company that developed and operated assisted living homes for dementia residents.

David Daumit has been an advocate for the rights of older adults his entire career and his company’s court case, Potomac Group Home Corporation vs. Montgomery County Department of Health et al. established landmark legal precedence that ultimately allowed elderly residents in assisted living communities across the US to choose to “age-in-place”, in their assisted living homes.

David Daumit has always been a staunch supporter of national and local Alzheimer’s associations and was elected to the National Board of the Alzheimer’s Association. In 1990 in conjunction with the greater Washington chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, he developed the first specialized activities program for Alzheimer’s residents. Mr. Daumit also served as an active member of the Board of the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA).

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Nurse on site 24 hours a day
4:1 staffing ratio
Medical Director
Diabetic Management
Behavior Management
Activity Staff on site 7 days a week
Special Diets
staff trained by the Alzheimer's Association.


Contact New Dawn Directly:

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