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Meredith Bay Colony Club Assisted Living Facility in Meredith, New Hampshire

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Looking for suitable environment for 58 y/o female with early Alzheimers

Q: My father is getting to the point where living on his own is becoming unsafe. We are looking at options for assisted living starting in approximately 9 months from now. He is a veteran and currently can walk with a cane. Interested in approximate costs. - Julie

Q: How many residents are you licensed for? Do you assist w/any VA benefits? My dad is WWII Vet & has mild Dementia. What are your costs & do you have private rooms w/ 1/2 baths? - Susan

Q: do you accept Medicaid ? Mom is 86 and needs more care than her current living situation provides. - Meryl

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Meredith Bay Colony Club is an assisted living facility located in Meredith, New Hampshire. "We are a not for profit retirement, assisted living and dementia care community."
Meredith Bay Colony Club assisted living facility
Meredith, New Hampshire - Meredith Bay Colony Club Assisted Living and Dementia Care

Meredith Bay Colony Club Assisted Living and Dementia Care
Address: 21 Mile Point Road Meredith, NH 03253
Phone: (603) 279-1500

We are a not for profit retirement, assisted living and dementia care community.

Living at MBCC costs on average 60% to 70% below that of most nursing homes in New Hampshire.

We provide the full support of skilled nursing when you feel that you need it, and we fully respect your right to have the health care provider of your choice. Health care management at MBCC is arranged here in a way that ensures your privacy and dignity while delivering the best care in the state of New Hampshire.

We are a wonderful alternative to any nursing home, as MBCC provides a full range of medical services designed to meet the needs of those with Memory Loss, Alzheimer's Disease or other dementia(s) within the setting of a luxury retirement community.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Home Care
Lifeline Emergency Medical Response
Respite Care
Adult Day Care
Assisted Living
Alzheimer's / Dementia Care and Memory Support

Elegant use of interior spaces,
Club-style dining and Cafe
Lounge and bar
Elegant private dining room for entertaining
Well-stocked library
Fully equipped fitness center
Swimming pool
Activities rooms
Under-building parking
Landscaped grounds

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