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Maria De Leon, MD

is a retired movement disorder specialist, free lance bilingual writer with special interests but not limited to issues concerning and impacting the growing geriatric population. She advocates for all Parkinson's patients and their families around the world as both a patient as well as a research advocate in her role as member of the People with Parkinson's Advisory committee (PPAC) for Parkinson's Disease Foundation - PDF. She also functions as a Texas State Assistant Director for Parkinson's Action Network-PAN.

In her commitment to patient's well-being, she frequently serves as a patient navigator for those who have Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other dementias. Furthermore, she is a frequent lecturer and motivational speaker. Currently working on her first book on the topic of Parkinson's Disease in Women and is presently engaged in trying to set up a Texas State Parkinson's registry which would include a Parkinson's pregnant women registry.

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