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Jolene's Country Home Assisted Living Facility in Ortonville, Michigan

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Assisted Living Tidbits for Jolene's Country Home

From time to time, we like to post interesting or helpful questions received by facilities. Here is one that we thought covered a lot of issues for Jolene's Country Home that brings up the great question of state certification, and the type of care requested or needed:


Hi, are you state certified? My dad is 72 years old and has a closed head injury. He cannot walk, but can sit in a wheel chair. He has medicare and money from AAA to pay for his care. My son lives right up the road from you with my granddaughter who is also 5 (he works at Cooks dairy Farm). My Dad is currently at mediolodge and we want to move him closer to us. I live in Clarkston. He does occasionally need help with eating, but is very friendly and outgoing. It does take 2 people to move him from a bed to a wheel chair. Is he someone you could help?

How many people are you licensed to have in your care? Female/Male? Do you accept Medicaid?

Q: Looking for an alternative for my 76 year old uncle. He is mobile with some help, has no dementia, history of vertigo and double vision. He is currently in a short term care facility but not sure he can living alone anymore. His only asset his his monthly social security. What are your monthly rates for resident care? Thank you for your time. - Mike

Q: I am interested in more information, I am looking for housing and care for my 80 yr mother. please contact me, or send me a brochure about Jolene's. - Monica

***Yes, it's true that many businesses still have printed materals. For any facility, especially if they don't have a website or web presence, make sure to ask them for a brocure, or flier with their facility information. - Assisted Living Directory

Q: Could you please give me costs for your facility? Also, how many residents do you normally have? Male? Female? I am interested in a place nearby for my sister. Thank you. - Sue

Q: Do you do short term respite care? I'm looking to place my 56 year old Down syndrome sister for 1 or 2 months this summer. - Kay

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Jolene's Country Home

Assisted Living Facility

backyard of facility

Living area


Ortonville, Michigan - Jolene's Country Home

At Jolene's Country Home we take pride in providing quality senior care with respect, friendship, and family. We are a husband and wife caregiver team with a 5 year old daughter. You will find that our family atmosphere care giving brings the best out from our residents. We have a beautiful ranch home on 2 1/2 acres in the country 1 mile from the main road. Close to I-75.

Jolene's Country Home Located at 2736 Abes Ln., Ortonville, MI. 48462

E-mail directly: Please use the contact form below

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

RN Assessment & MD monthly visits
24-Hour Care/Supervision
Medication Management
Bathing & Hygiene
Grooming & Dressing
Incontinence Support
Foot Care/podiatry services
Mobility Needs
Feeding Assistance
Nutritious Meals & Snacks
Special Dietary Needs
Planned Activities & Outings
Laundry & Linen Service

(248) 793-3115

Contact Jolene's Directly:

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