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Jayme Kinsey

Jayme Kinsey is a freelance writer with over ten years experience caring for the elderly and mentally disabled adults. She has worked in care facilities as well as in the home setting as a companion. She also volunteers time with the elderly, and enjoys interviewing senior citizens about their opinions on current issues. Currently, Jayme is part of an extended family caregiving team for her 95 year old grandmother. The majority of her online writing is devoted to helping the elderly and their caregivers.





Articles by Jayme Exclusively For Assisted Living Directory:

* 5 Things The Elderly Want From Assisted Living
* The Book of Shame--Ensuring Better Care for Your Loved One
* Moving to Assisted Living--Helping Your Love One Feel More At Home
* No Home for Elderly Friends or Siblings?
* From Home Care to Assisted Living--A Hard Decision
* Rural Caregiving - Is It Worth The Risk?

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