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Halo Home Care Adult Foster Care in River Rouge, Michigan

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Halo Homecare

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River Rouge, MI - Halo Home Care

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Halo Home Care Located at 12 Alexander St, River Rouge, Michigan. 48218

Spreading our wings around your love ones The purpose of Halo is to be a leader in Wayne County as an Adult Foster Care Home, while recognizing the dignity of every person and assisting, enabling persons with health care needs to obtain optimal independence. We assist in partnering with family, friends and clients. Our goal is to provide specialized adult foster care services from 1 to 6 people to meet the developmental, mental, physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs of all. We will provide basic care; we will reinforce independence, in grooming, eating, bathing, toileting, and following directions. Our vision is that everyone feels they are a part of the home and can assist wherever necessary. Our mission is to create and maintain a safe, nurturing home that meets the needs of each person and their families for a continuum of services in a nurturing, culturally appropriate environment, through a well managed partnership with key stakeholders.

Our population is to assist adult from age 18 and older, and must be approved for placement by the contract agency and licensee/designee of the corporation. All residents must be compatible with other home residents as well as staff employed in the facility. We will meet the needs of both male and female.

As for personal and social education, we will partner with Community Network Services (CNS), Veterans Association to provide the residents with counseling and individual therapy as needed. CNS, as a day program, which is called Turning Point to provide social education, recreational participation such as group programs, community and recreational facilities utilization; the adult day programming will be available to train resident in basic self-care skills, in-house activities of daily living, usage of community resources, field trips, skills maintenance and special training as defined in the individual’s treatment plan.

Goals and objectives will are on an individual basis and will be guided by each individual’s assessment plan by CNS, Veteran Affairs and/or Community Mental Health and other related professionals. The goals will assist in development of prevocational skills to permit placement in a sheltered workshop setting or employment in the community. Not only will we partner with CNS, CMH and Veterans Affairs we will also assure the medical health, psychological, dental, and podiatry needs are to be met through regular visits by their physicians.

Call Directly: 248-702-7026


All direct care staff employed at Halo Home Care shall be 18 years or older. Shall be able to complete all required reports and follow written and oral instructions that are related to the care and supervision of residents. Direct care staff posses all of the following qualifications:

Be suitable to meet the physical, emotional, individuals, and social needs of each residents.

Be capable of appropriately handling emergency situations.

A licensee or administrator shall provide in-service training or make training available through other sources to direct care staff.

A licensee and direct care staff who are responsible for implementing the resident’s written assessment plan shall be trained in the applicable behavior intervention techniques. Direct care staff shall be competent before performing assigned tasks, which shall include being competent in all of the following areas:

 Reporting requirements.
 First aid.
 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
 Personal care, supervision, and protection.
 Resident rights.
 Safety and fire prevention.
 Prevention and containment of communicable diseases.

Restrictive visiting hours shall not be maintained and residents shall be allowed to receive reasonable number of visitors at a reasonable time. Halo Home Care will make available transportation to and from program resources in the community including consultation, medical and other related services. We will work with individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, mentally impaired, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, depression and or emotionally impairments.

All individuals must be ambulatory, not blind or deaf as we do not have the capability to provide adequate care.

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