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Grandview Assisted Living Facility in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Great questions about Grandview Assisted Living asked by our site visitors:

Q: I am looking for long term care for my father in law. He is 92 and recovering from hip issues. He currently is in another state. He has VA benefits and Caremore. Do you work with insurance?. And can you assist with the paperwork? My wife and I live in Carefree/Cave Creek area, and wish to move him as soon as we find a place for him.

Q: I am in a power wheelchair.
Is that acceptable? I can't really get around without it, and some homes are unfortunately not set up to allow such a big contraption to be moving through the facility. Also, is there an age limit restriction?

**A very good question to ask. Although many facilities are 'handicap accessible' by law, it just may not be a good fit for smaller facilities. Asking to tour the facility to test how easy it is to get around is also a reasonable question and request. - ALD

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Grandview Assisted Living

Scottsdale facility



room for senior

facility inside

dining area

Scottsdale, Arizona - Grandview Assisted Living - We provide a cozy atmosphere in a home like environment

Grandview is an assisted living facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Caregivers treat each individual according to their needs and learn they likes and dislikes. While providing care we pride showing love and compassion. Taking in consideration each resident's preferences, activities are integrated in weekly routine. Participation in these activities is completely optional. Care is individualized as much as possible without destroying the overall operation of the facility and safety and welfare of the other resident's. We believe that case should address the needs of the body and emotions while maintaining respect for the spiritual aspect of each individual.

Grandview Assisted Living
5938 E. Grandview Rd,
Scottsdale AZ, 85254

Simona Harangus (manager/owner)



Three nutritious & delicious meal each day
Snack as needed and requested by the resident.
Special diets and prescribed by physician and within the capabilities of the facility.
Routine assessment or each resident and development of a Service Plan by a registered nurse.
Caregivers trained and certified according to Arizona Department of Health Services on duty all time.
Affordable fees and charges for all services provided.
Hair care (haircuts, wash and sets, etc) provided within the facility.
Medication administration per physician's written order.
Up to 100% assistance with Activities of Daily Living.
Documentation of care provided medications administered.
Assistance with treatments that do not legally require that a licensed nurse to involved.

Tel (602) 354-7618

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