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Golden Care Services Senior Care Home in Hampton, Virginia

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Q: My questions pertain to your flyer we received about a female bed opening available . We would like to know if you are a new provider of ALF. What your monthly rate is, and if you accept auxiliary grants. Also if your facility is co-ed and lastly if your resident are required to attend a day program or if they are permitted to stay at home throughout the day. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may assist you in filling your bed. Thank you so much! - Nate

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care home exterior

Golden Care Services


inside view

senior's bedroom

resident's bed

dining room


sitting area

resident's room

bed and chair area

tv area


dining area

table setup

Hampton, Virginia - Family Oriented and Home like environment for your love one

Golden Care Services provides protection, guidance and supervision within the home like facility, we promote a sense of security and self-worth; along with encouraging the resident’s involvement with appropriate community resources and meets the objectives of the service plan created and developed with residents and or resident’s representatives.

Golden Care Services can be reached at 866-648-4493

Able to accept 3 residents at this time.

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