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Friends House Assisted Living Facility in Santa Rosa, California

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Great questions that we have received about Friends House - and assisted living that can serve as examples of the types (and thoroughness) of questions that you might consider asking potential facilities:

Q: How would I get my grandmother into your facility? Is there financial assistance? Is there a waiting list?

Q: Do you have a room available for assisted living with memory care for a female?

Q: Do you have any vacancies? If so, what are your requirements and costs?

Q: Our mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about two years ago. She's a lovely Christian woman with memory loss. She loves going places and doing things, loves reading and is extremely social. She knows all of us (family) and remembers some friends - but she forgets what she's eaten among other things. She has great private insurance, but they have the same guidelines as Medicare. They will pay if Medicare pays. Do you accept insurance?

Q: Does Friend's House have a waiting period, and also do you need a doctor's formal diagnosis? Please send answers by email only.

Q: My in-laws are 87 & 88 years old and are considering moving to an assisted care facility. He has Alzheimers but is mobile with the use of a walker. I am researching facilities and would like to have a cost breakdown as well as availability. - Dan

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Friendship House Assisted Living


house exterior

beautiful views

seniors at assisted living

Santa Rosa, California - Friends House - A Quaker Inspired Continuing Care Retirement Community CCRC

Nestled on seven acres in Santa Rosa, California, Friends House is a caring community of elders created in the Quaker tradition of equality and simplicity. In an atmosphere of informality and vitality, residents are engaged in activities of everyday life here as well as in the outside community. Everyone is welcome at Friends House! email directly: Please use the contact form below

Friends House
684 Benicia Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Santa Rosa
RCFE #4968-1929

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

24-hour per day help
Medication management
Assistance arranging appointments
Private rooms
Transportation assistance
Inviting with a family-like atmosphere
& much more!

(707) 538-0152

Facility availability

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