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Ferncrest Assisted Living Facility in Laconia, New Hampshire

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Great questions that we have received about Ferncrest - and assisted living that can serve as examples of the types (and thoroughness) of questions that you might consider asking facilities that you are interested in:

I would like more information about your home. My aunt 84, who has been independent now needs some assist esp. med monitoring and meals preparation. Delightful, good company, good natured. Ambulatory, and bathes independently.

My grandmother is currently selling her house she has lived in for the past 25 years and we are looking for an assisted living facility for her, preferably one that is apartment/cottage style. The reason for this is that she has a dog and cat that are very dear to her and she wishes to keep them with her when she moves. My grandmother has no trouble keeping her home clean, or caring for herself, however at times she forgets medications or does not feed herself a good meal. We care very much about her and wish to provide her with the very best, any information you can provide would be great.

My father has mild dementia. My mother is under hospice care now. They are in assisted living in another area.My father wishes to come here when my mother passes. Can you give me an estimate of price/cost?

Can you e-mail me a packet or brochure regarding your facility with a price list included?

Q: Hello, I'd like a little more information on the pet friendly terms and pricing (and availability). Thank you. I prefer to be contacted by email. - Gabe

Q: I am looking for an assisted living facility to care for my sister. My family and I have been caring for her for about 12 years with little to no help or respite and have burned our selves out. She is 58 years old and has short term memory disability along with some other minor health issues which requires her to be under supervision. She prefers to be as independent as allowable. Its not that she is hard to care for just requires constant reminders of everyday do's and don'ts. As well as reminders of why she can or can't do certain activities or have certain foods.We are just trying to gather information at this time to decide the best placement for her. Any information on what your assisted living program has to offer would be helpful or perhaps a physical tour. Thank you, - Mary

Q: Would be interested in knowing if you have any ' live-in staff positions' available at this time. I am very experienced in the area of ' elder care' having provided these services and commitment to many for nearly 15 years. - l. williams

***Please see our get a caregiving job section for tips on seeking positions in the assisted living field! - ALD

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Ferncrest Assisted Living Facility

Laconia New Hampshire

seniors at facility

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Laconia, New Hampshire - A Place to Call Home - Ferncrest Assisted Living In Our Home or Yours

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Ferncrest offers an alternative to traditional assisted living facilities. It is the result of the dream of one woman who envisioned a place which elders can truly call "home". Situated on 11 acres of peaceful meadows and woods, Ferncrest is conveniently located near downtown Laconia, Tilton, I-93 and Concord. However, life is not only about where you live, but with whom you live. With a maximum of only three full-time and two day residents, personalized professional care is lovingly provided by familiar care givers, including the live-in staff who have made Ferncrest a "home" for themselves and the elders they care for.

Ferncrest Located at 87 Horne Road, Belmont, NH. 03220
Phone: 603-527-8119

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
Meals Prepared by On-site Professional Chef
Medication Assistance
CPR/First Aid/ Certified Staff
Safety Oversight
Housekeeping Daily with Weekly Cleaning
Weekly Laundry
Bathing Assistance as Needed
Skin Integrity Monitoring
Toileting Scheduling if Needed
Stimulating Activities
Enriching Activities
Arranging Appointments and Reminders
Arranging Transportation
Spacious Private Rooms
Large Western Exposure Windows to Enjoy the Glorious Sunsets
Individual Heat Control in Private Quarters
Private Handicap-friendly Bath
Wheelchair Accessible Shower
Digital Cable Hook-up and WiFi Access
On-site Laundry
24 Hour Wander & Security Technology
Family-style Dining Room
Pet Friendly
Vegetable Garden

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