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Faith, Hope and Love Assisted Living Facility in Riverside, California

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Great questions that we have received about Faith, Hope and Love - and assisted living that can serve as examples of the types (and thoroughness) of questions that you might consider asking facilities that you are interested in:

I have a Victorian house in San Diego that I was thinking about converting to a board and care facility which my parents would help manage. I have no idea where to start, though. Would you be willing to tell me where I can find good information? (i.e. websites, books, etc.)

Hello, my name is Veronica, I'm inquiring about your facility in behalf of by brother John. He is 65 yrs old & disabled, on medicare/medicaid, SS.

I have a 84 year old father that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Can you tell me if your facility is equipped to deal with memory issues. Can you also give them ball park costs? I would also like to set up a tour of Faith, Hope and Love assisted living.

Is the cost of assisted living based on income? What are the fees for your services? My friend only source of income is her social security. She has some private medical insurance, but no Long-Term Care coverage.

Do you take Medi-Cal patients?

I am interested in getting some information regarding prices for a single room. My mother is 83 years old.

Looking for an assisted living facility for my grandmother. She wants a room by herself, depending on the price. I would like to know the price for single or double occupancy in your facility.

I have a friend who needs assisted living. he is a strict vegetarian. what would be the cost per month and do you have the ability to provide a healthy diet to a vegetarian - Not just vegetables. He takes no meds, so he needs his food prepared and maybe showering assistance.

Are you a private pay facility? My father is 86 years old and in good health. He lives on about $600.00 from Social Security.

Hi! I am looking for a care facility for my mother who has Parkinson's. She is not able to live on her own but she is still able to bathe, dress, and feed herself. We have a limited budget, what is your cost for a shared room?

Is this a locked facility? I am looking for a place for my 75 year old grandmother, and am interested in your facility. I am curious about pricing and any other information you can offer me.

I would like to know the price range for Alzheimer's patient.

I enjoyed reading about your program. I have a friend who is recovering from cancer who needs assisted living care. What is the cost of your private and semi-private rooms.

My mother like most seniors is on a fixed income made up of social security and small retirement. How can we determine eligibility or cost for your facility?

Need your monthly rate for a shared room and individual room. Elderly mother-in-law in need of a higher level of care. She is currently in an Independent Living facility.

I'm now looking at the likely probability of having to move my father to Southern California. Lately he's been forgetful about his medicine which causes him to be unstable, not trusting, accusative and the list goes on. Would your facility be able to accept such a resident? I need to put him somewhere where he can be safe from himself, gets his medications when needed and probably other criteria that I haven't a clue about, as this is such a confusing process for me. One thing for sure is that he'd probably need to be in a secure environment. He isn't trusting and I'm afraid he'd up and walk out the door either knowingly or during one of his delusions. I'm lost, I have no clue where to turn and what to do. Is your care facility a possible place for him?

What is respite care? I am Looking for temporary stay for my dad while we are out of town.

Do you have vacancies? If so, do you accept residents on medicare and ssi? My mother needs a room immediately.

Is there transportation for residents to get to and from appointments?

How many people do you have at your place, or what is the size of your facility, and how long have you been in operation? Do you take couples where one has dementia?

We are currently looking for a home for my husband's parents. His mom has dementia and his dad has his own issues. I was wondering if you have any openings and if you take couples? We have no idea at this time if our parents will be ready for assisted living, but we are hoping so.

Mom (87) has Medicare and VA allowance. Do you accept that? She has dementia.

Hi I'm looking into assisted living for my parents. My father is a cancer survivor and my mother a stroke victim with paralysis in her left limbs needing assistance my father's not really able to provide . My question is - can they move in to a unit by themselves ,and what would be the cost?

Is this a faith-based facility? How large is this facility? what are the monthly rate for private vs shared rooms? do you accept seniors with moderate dementia but are still physically healthy?

I have a soon to be 89 year old mother in need of affordable assisted living. Also will soon to be applying for SSI to help her pay for her care. What does the Faith facility charge for those only living on social security? -Merry

Q: Is this a Christian based facility? How large is this facility? what are the monthly rate for private vs shared rooms? Do you accept seniors with moderate dimentia but are still physically healthy? - Dina

Q: Are you licensed for Alzheimer Care? - Cathy

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Faith Hope Love assisted living

facility in Riverside

bedroom of facility


Riverside, California - Faith, Hope and Love Assisted Living in Beautiful Canyon Crest

Faith, Hope and Love assisted living facility for the elderly was conceived with the vision to offer compassion, safety and care for those who need or desire to live with assistance.

Our Mission
To welcome every resident with an open heart and giving hands, to provide all that is needed emotionally, mentally and physically in order to create an environment that each resident can thrive in.

E-mail directly - please use the contact form below!

LIC: 336424235

Street ViewTip: Drag this icon within the map below for a virtual 'street view'


Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

24 hour staffing
Exercise Programs
Access to Entertainment and Activities
Free Laundry Service
Medication Management with Doctor's Approval
Personal Care Needs
Planned Activities
Private and Shared Rooms Available
Three Healthy Meals Daily
Three Nutritious Snacks Daily
Transportation to Religious services
Transportation to Appointments and Shopping
Computer with Internet Access
Respite Care Available
On-call licensed Nurse RN

(951) 781-7535

Contact Faith Hope & Love Directly

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