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Emerald Homecare Assisted Living Facility, Phoenix, AZ

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Great questions that we have received about Emerald Homecare and assisted living that can serve as examples of the types (and thoroughness) of questions that you might consider asking facilities that you are interested in:

Q: : My mother is 87 years old and has been living at home independently, drives, and can participate in quite a few other activities. Lately, she has been having some problems and I think that it is time that we look into a facility where she can continue her independence, but still have a back-up. Please contact me with availability, prices, how many residents etc. I am an RN from out of state right now and will be back at the end of May to visit some different places. She currently lives in a patio home at 29th Ave and Glendale and owned a home at 10th St and McLellan before that so is familiar with the neighborhood.

Q: My 91 year old Mother receives $1500.00 a month income. She has dementia, macular degeneration and a hearing loss. I am still working, and she is needing more care than I am able to give.

Q: What are your rates for an 81 year old man on oxygen 24/7? He can bathe himself and dress. He needs meals prepared, laundry and house keeping.

Q: Can you provide me with the rates? Do you have private rooms and what is your availability like?

Q: We are looking to move my dad to a different facility and are wondering if you have room for someone. He has PSP and is with it mentally, but is having many physical challenges. What is the cost per month at your facility? There is also another gentleman at the same facility as my father that may need a place, too. He is bedridden with Alzheimer's.

Q: I need to relocate my mother on or about 4/1/11 and am interested in learning more about your facility. Semi private would be acceptable.

Q: I am looking for a facility for my mother how much is the monthly fee. I am a teacher and prefer that you email information to me. I would also like to arrange a tour.

Q: Hello. I am looking for an assisted living home for my mother. She is 75, self administers blood pressure meds, but needs help with her insulin shot. She is mentally alert and physically active. Likes to take walks and chat with friends. My job does not allow me to live here year round and I am uncomfortable being away for months at a time and leaving her in the house alone. Could you give me an idea of the costs involved and availability?

Q: Am looking for care giving work. I have certification and all credentials. I live at 47th ave & Glendale. I look forward to hearing from you.

**We receive frequent emails through our site from folks looking into caregiving work at various facilities, including Emerald Homecare. We here at Assisted Living Directory are 'old school' and believe a phone-call is much more appropriate instead of sending an email when you are looking for possible employment. - ALD

Q: I am a 30 year old male, I have SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 ! I have Arizona Long term Care Insurance ! My sister and I are not getting along ! I need care that I'm not getting ! I have lived in a Care Center before for about 5 years, I do not want to move to another Care Center ! I am easy going, caring ! - Dave

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Emerald Homecare

Dining Area

Living Room


Main Area of Assisted Living


EMERALD HOMECARE - Phoenix, Arizona

Emerald Homecare assisted living is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our facilities are state approved for safety and security of the residents. It is owned and managed by a registered nurse with over 30 years of healthcare experience and cared for by happy and friendly caregivers.


To be your partner in providing the highest quality of assistance for your love ones and to enhance their emotional, physical and social well being, nurture family relationships, create meaningful life-enhancing activities and provide the greatest value for service.

EMERALD HOMECARE I Located at 1401 E Glendale Ave, Phoenix, AZ. 85020
Phone: 480-703-5430

E-mail Directly: Please use the contact form below

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Our Services:

24- hour well trained staffing
Personalized care
Registered Nurse on call
Medication administration
Assistance on activities of daily living
Housekeeping and laundry
Nourish residents with balance diet home cooked meals


Air conditioned/heated, spacious, furnished, digital cable T.V.,phones & private closets.

We accept all levels of care including long term care

Contact Emerald Homecare Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

Facility availability

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