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Eden House Assisted Living Facility in Troy, Michigan

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Assisted Living Questions - Good Examples

We've seen some good questions come through to Eden House Assisted Living, which can serve as examples of the types of questions that you and your family might ask:


Q: My 95 year old mother lives with me and my husband up north. Most of our family resides in the Oakland/Macomb county area. Can you give me an approximate cost for your facility? What are the requirements for people residing there? Generally, how long of a wait is there to obtain residence there?"

Q: I am looking for an adult foster home in Troy for my father who currently lives alone and has been diagnosed with Frontotemoral Dementia. He needs help managing bills and medication. He keeps to himself and doesn't require any other assistance. Any availability? Cost? - Suzanne

Q: Hello, my name is Kimberly, and I'm looking for a temporary care facility for my father-in-law. I'm moving back to MI from FL. He can't sit in a car for long time spans. The three hour flight is hard on him. Do you offer care for like 2 weeks? If so, how much do you charge? If not, do you know any place that does? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Q: Could you please tell me what your rates/costs are? I'm looking for a place for my 84 year old mother. Thank you. - Marietta

Q: My 91 year old grandmother has been living with us for some time. She had her 3rd hip operation in May and came home from Heartland Rehab this past week. Unfortunately she is weak and has difficulty transferring herself from her wheelchair. She has had multiple toileting accidents as well. I am checking into long term care facilities to see what our options are. We work full time and cannot leave her unattended like we used to. She has become too much for us handle. Is your establishment an option for her? What is the cost? I'm guessing Medicare doesn't pay for this, but maybe you know for sure. We live at Wattles/John R, so keeping her close to home is a plus. She also is an avid euchre and pinochle player, so having another person (or 3) in the home that also plays, would be a HUGE advantage. Thanks for any info you can provide.

Q: Do the residents have their own bathroom? Is there an age requirement? How much is the respite care? Do you accept medicaid?

Q: Looking for a place for my father who is age 82 and has dementia....he is currently in an Assisted Living Facility in Troy that we are unhappy with.

Q: My father may need short term respite care starting on Monday. What do you have available and what is the cost. He'll be having a rod put in his arm which is weakened due to cancer. He will need help with dressing and sponge baths.

Q: We are inquiring about vacancy and cost. We are looking for a place for our mother, who is 87, very healthy, just can't live alone anymore. We are from Royal Oak.

Q: Was wondering how to apply for facility for resident aid?

Q: I am looking for affordable housing for my mom who has suffered from a stroke. Can you please tell me where I can find your rates?

Q: I have been left to care for someone's mentally ill daughter who is 38 years old. I can't do it anymore. Is Eden House a place for her and what would qualify her? She is on SSI currently and her mother wants me to take her to social security office to have the mom be the payee without being involved in her life , dumping all responsibilities on me.
- Cassia

Q: How much is your monthly fee at Eden House? My brother is mentally ill and needs a place to stay. He has insurance and gets a disability check. I am his guardian.

Q: I am intersted in place for my mother-89 years;lived alone but had recent accident; how many people ? costs? medicaid approved? references? - Vera

Q: Will Eden House allow a pet dog? Or can you recommend an assisted living facility in your area that will allow a dog? I am inquiring for my step mother. -

**This is a good question to ask, as many seniors have pets to keep them company. Also, many facilities even go as far as to offer 'pet therapy.' - ALD

Q: Do you have memory care residents? My mother (87yrs) has vascular dementia. Still very "independent", but needs monitoring. Want to avoid an institutional feeling home for her. Looking for Sept/Oct placement. Thanks for any information. - Patricia

***Many of our readers also comment that they want 'less institutional' facilities (aka smaller). We recommend reading our page on facility size where we interview a facility owner on the benefits and merits of smaller facilities. - Assisted Living Directory

Q: I have a 55 year old brother and am looking for a residence for him. He is mildly impaired but functions independently. Is this a place for him and are you expecting any openings ? Any chance my siblings and I could tour the home this evening? - Marilyn

Q: Looking for an adult foster care home for a wheelchair bound person. she is also legally blind - Cheryl

Q: I am looking for a place for my Aunt. She is 84. Do you have availability? What is the price? How many can live at the home? Nancy

Q: I am inquiring about availability and cost for my sister in law with multiple system atrophy - Betsy

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Eden House Assisted Facility

Eden House

Assisted living facility in Troy

back yard area

Living Room


Troy, Michigan - Senior Care in Michigan - Assisted Living at Eden House Troy

Email directly: Please use the contact form below

Eden House is a senior Assisted Living Home, Adult Foster Care Home, Residential Care for the Elderly, Respite Care in Troy, Michigan

Serving Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, Warren, Clawson, Bloomfield Hills, Clinton Township, Utica and surrounding areas in Oakland and Macomb County, Michigan.

Our location:

Eden House Located at 1924 Westwood Drive, Troy, MI. 50312

Street ViewTip: Drag this icon within the map below for a virtual 'street view'


Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Our beautiful, comfortable house is a fully licensed and insured private assisted living for seniors, located in a quiet area with a lot of privacy;
Main living-room for socializing, movies, music, games, parties;
Beautiful spacious common dining room;
Furnished private bedrooms;
Bathrooms with large walk in shower, wheel chair accessible and safety bars;
Books, Magazines, Games, Puzzles;
All utilities, free local and long distance telephone, fax machines, cable TV, computer, high speed internet, VCR, DVD player, CD player, WIFI;
Large garden surrounded by trees and a very large natural park (Robin wood Park);
Our residents enjoy getting together in the living room for socializing, playing cards and different games or watching movies. The meals are served in the large dining room or out on the porch, in the summer time;
We encourage resident's family members and friends to get involved in our assisted living community. They visit their loved ones any time and they get together for birthday parties or anniversary celebration.

(586) 709-2142

Contact Eden House Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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