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Earle Brown Terrace Assisted Living Facility - Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

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Website - The Minnesota Department of Health is seeing the effects of a 'government shutdown' and as of this writing, they are not updating it with new information until further notice. However, their website still contains many good pages with helpful information for seniors looking for long-term care or assisted living in the State of Minnesota.

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Excellent questions we have received about assisted living, and Earle Brown Terrace - questions that may be helpful to families and individuals considering assisted living as a housing or long-term care option:

Q: I had contacted you once in the recent past and someone did call me, but it was a very busy time in my life when that occurred. I am interested not only for my mother, but I myself will be 55 in June and am considering something like Earle Brown Terrace. I would like to know the prices and floor plans, such as how many bedrooms one can have and or guide lines.

Q: Do you have any immediate openings (i.e. do you have a waiting list) and what is the monthly cost?. This would be the elderly waiver program.

Q: Do you have Alzheimer's care? How much per month?

Q: I am interested in finding a new home for my mother. I had a few questions about your facility. Primarily I was wondering if your facility is mostly a nursing home, an assisted living, or simply a residence for older adults? I was also wondering what the financial obligations are. Lastly I was wondering if there were activities that the residence can participate in, for example, an "outing." Finding out this information is crucial to my decision making, I would appreciate a speedy response, as time is of the essence.

Q: Do you have pool therapy on-site, or reliable access to someplace that does?

Q: Is there a buy-in amount that you need for living in this facility? My parents are both 79 and in good health. Who qualifies? Must the person be over 60 or other age or would Disabled person 60 yrs old qualify?

Q: We are starting to check out assisted living facilities in the close metro area. How much is the monthly fee at this facility? And are there any units available for after the 1st of the year?

Q: Can you provide the services that allow a person to age in place?How many units do you set aside for elderly waiver? What is the average age of residents?

Q: We are looking for assisted living for my mother. She lived there before it turned into assisted living. Do you have anything available with elderly waiver availability?

Q: I'm looking for a facility for my mother. She needs to be on a ventilator. Does your facility or in the area. Looking for the twin cities or Mankato, MN area.

Q: My parents are in need of an independent living facility that includes some amenities. Can you tell me what your costs would be per month and detail the costs with amenities. Thank you for the information.

Q: How many square feet are the apartments and what is the price range? My friends are looking for a bedroom large enough for two 3/4 size beds.

Q: We need a place for our Father, and we need to get the Elderly Waiver, but we don't know how to start the process. He is 92 and needs the assisted plus care. Do you have units or can you tell me how to start with the Elderly Waiver. Any help would really be appreciated. Also, do you allow pets? Thanks you. Babette

Q: Do you have many people who are primarily disabled (i.e. stroke) and while they may be seniors are just barely in the "senior citizen" category.

Q: Assisted living caree for a daughter with CP on the CADI Program. - Richard

Q: My father is living on SSI and my siblings and I have limited resources. Are there any grants or financial assistance programs available? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Q: I am looking for a place for my 84 year old aunt who can still live independently with a little help, but we would like to find a place where she can also go when the time comes for her to move to an assisted living. what are your rates and how big are your facility apartments?

Q: Do you take anyone under 60 years old? My brother is 57, disabled due to several issues, and in need of a facility.

Q: I am looking for pricing for seniors with only social security to live on.

Q: Would you please forward or send to me information on cost, if you financial assistance through county or state, availability, qualifications, pets or any information that you might think I would be interested in.

Q: My mother currently lives at the Regent in Burnsville in the care suites. My mother is left side impaired, 64 years old. She needs an assist of two for transferring and most activities.

Q: What is the availability and pricing for your memory care program.

Q: Please send me additional information regarding Earle Brown Terrace assisted living facility including price info ASAP. My mother is in town today and we would like to drop by if the place appears to meet our needs.

Q: What are the age limitations and requirements to live at Earle Brown? - Maggie

Q: Do you have an opening at Earle Brown for my 95 year old father, WWII Vet, who doesn't need a nursing home but assistance with some daily needs, meals and meds. He is currently in another state and I would like to get him moved up here quickly. What are your monthly fees as he would be private pay for a while. I know a friend's mother who is there now. - Carol

***Asking facilities, or letting them know if a parent has military or service status is a great idea so you can find out if perhaps there are other residents there who are also vets, or who may have served! - Assisted Living Directory

Q: Hello. Do you have any openings? Am investigating options for my 77-year-old mother. - Julie

Q: I have a female client who needs assisted living. Are you still accepting CADI applicants? How's the programing for them? What is the process if she's interested in your facility? Doua

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Earle Brown Terrace Assisted Living

Dining Room



Food for assisted living residents


Brooklyn Center, MN - Earle Brown Terrace, Premier Senior Community with Innovative programs

Email us directly: Please use the contact form below

Seniors wishing to maintain an independent lifestyle with the security of supportive services now have an outstanding choice. Earle Brown Terrace assisted living facility is here for seniors who want to live in a lively community AND enjoy the peace of mind that professional support offers. We call it Catered Living for the totally independent, or the perfect alternative to assisted living! Catered Living at Earle Brown Terrace enables seniors to support their independence with only the services they need and want. Equally important, Catered Living enables a "continuum of care" that minimizes the chance that you will ever have to move again. We also cater to Elderly Waiver and CADI program.

Earle Brown Terrace Located at 6100 Summit Drive North, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. 55430

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Services and amenities include, but not limited to:

Home cooked meals by on site chefs.
24 hour Health Care with full time RN supervision.
on site vision, podiatry, audiology, eyeglass service.
Full activities program.
Daily fitness classes.
Emergency pull chord & pendant.
Chef catered private parties.
Drop off dry cleaning service.
Notary, photo copies, fax.
Church services.
Daily devotions and bible study.
On-site Chaplain & Pastoral Services.
Ongoing professional resource consultation.
Elderly Waiver & CADI program Availability.
Care Conference.
Breathtaking views.
Home care service in conjunction with a Hospice provider for end-of-life care.

(763) 560-6829

Contact Earle Brown Terrace Directly:

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Facility availability

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