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Devoted Care Senior Living in Las Vegas, NV

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Great questions and comments we have received about Devoted Care

Q: Like to know if there is vacancy and pricing. 88 year old lady currently at another facility in Las Vegas. Has to leave due to need for higher level of care. Can't walk and falls too often. Mild Dementia. - William

Q: Starting to look at places for my aging father. Do you take VA as payment? He has a gentle giant dog. He's a yellow lab and is the most gentle dog I have ever seen. How long is your waiting list? - Patti

Q: Good afternoon, can you please tell me how big are the rooms? Are they private or shared? What is the cost? How is it billed? Are there any restrictions on the pets? Do you currently have any pets there? - Chris

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Devoted Care - home exterior

Devoted Care seniors having fun

pool area

Las Vegas, NV - Senior Living Devoted Care Las Vegas

Devoted Care Las Vegas is an independent living home in a lovely, quiet cul-de-sac neighborhood. We only take in 4 or 5 seniors so the loving, devoted, comfortable care is the best. You can also bring your devoted pet.

Call (702) 856-9627 or email us directly using the form on this page, and check out our website at This is the best care with the most individual care available in our area.

E-mail directly using the contact form below!

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Services Offered
 All meals are included
 All laundry in included
 Special services as needed
 Lots of fun with the pool, hot tub, games, reading and TV discussions.

Contact Devoted Care Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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