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Detroit Care Center Assisted Living Facility in Detroit, Michigan

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Q: Do you have to be a certified nursing assisant to get hired? I have just completed my CNA program and will be applying to take the state exam soon.
- Shirda

***This is a good question for seniors and families to ask any facility about their nursing staff - and what type of qualifications they must have to be employed at the facility you are looking into! - ALD

Q: How old or young do you have to be to to reside at this facility? - Clementine


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Detroit Care Center assisted living

Detroit Care Center exterior view of the facility

seniors having fun at the center

lunchtime for the seniors at Detroit Care Center

view of resdents of the facility

Detroit, Michigan - Home For The Aged/Assisted Living

Large 108 Bed Home for the Aged/Assisted Living facility. Licensed and certified by State of Michigan

511 Grand Blvd E, Detroit, MI 48214

We accept low income and SS,SSI,GA,VA-PENSIONS
We provide 24 hours resident care.

Email us directly: Please use the contact form below

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:


(313) 579-2462

Contact Detroit Care Center Directly:

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