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CRCare of Bondmill Assisted Living Facility in Laurel, Maryland

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Median daily and monthly

Levels of Care in Maryland:

Maryland classifies care into several categories: Level 1: Low Level of Care; Level 2: Moderate Level of Care; Level 3: High Level of Care and Level 3+: For Specific Patients.

Maryland Health Care Commission:

Guide to assisted living facilities website - MHCC is the state agency responsible for developing the Assisted Living Guide. Phone: 334.262.5523

Elder Abuse:

Report suspected abuse by calling 800-677-1116

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Questions that we have received about CRcare and assisted living that may serve as examples of the types of questions you may consider asking facilities that you are interested in for yourself or a loved one:

Do you have staff that are knowledgeable& have cared for dementia patients?

Hello I am inquiring about your rate/costs per month for service and how the enrollment and entrance process is determined.

Are you accredited by any certain agency like CARF?

I am looking for placement for a relative that is 69 years old, with recent bilateral BKAs. Can you give me a ball park estimate of what monthly costs for him might be? He is unable to do very much other than feed himself. He is currently wearing diapers but does use a urinal.

Q: I was wondering what the cost of your CRcare facility is monthly? I am looking to place my grandmother into an assisted living. She is able to walk with a walker, she is using incontinence products(depends), has the beginnings of dementia, and is taking several different medications. - Richard

Q: How large is you facility?
Can you handle Level 3 (89 yo female), that needs assistance with eating, toileting, walking, transitioning between sitting, standing, laying down?
Private or semi-private rooms? - Rick

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CR Care Bondmill Assisted Living

Laurel, Maryland - CRcare of Bondmill

Owned and operated by an Experienced Critical care Registered Nurse . • Excellent staff, fully trained (CNA / Med Tec) 24 hours. Home cooked meals according to diet. Please contact the owner directly using the contact form below!

Residential Style Assisted Living. • In-House doctor, In-House Nurse, In-house transportation, In-house Physical Therapy /Occupational Therapy / Speech Therapy and In-house beautician available.

Christine David , RN


(301) 483-0777

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Arts and Crafts
Card Games
Guest Speakers
Recreational Outings

Contact CRCare Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

Facility availability

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