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Coral Assisted Living Facility in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Questions that we have received about Coral assisted living that may serve as examples of the types of questions you may consider asking facilities that you are interested in for yourself or a loved one:

I wish to obtain information for long term care for my father in law. He is 92 and recovering from a hip issue, and he is currently in another state. My wife and I are thinking of moving him close to us. We live in Carefree/Cave Creek area. He has VA benefits and Caremore. Do you work with insurance? Can you help with insurance paperwork?

Looking for a small (10 max) group home for my mother. Need relatively large room (10x12) preferably sunny and/or with view. Please let me know availability and cost.

Please send a brochure - looking for our parents.

I'm thinking of bringing my mother to Arizona. She currently lives in in the northeast in an assisted living facility. She needs more assistance than that facility is licensed to give her. Do you have a room available? If so, can you give me an idea of your monthly fee. She uses a walker, needs help getting in and out of bed, getting dressed and using the restroom. How many residents do you have an what are is your cost?

How much is the monthly rate for Coral assisted living and do you accept Health Choice and medicaid part A and D?

How many residents do you have an what are is your cost? Your facility looks lovely. I also wish to know if you do outings to shopping and other activities in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area. My mother likes to get out and about, but is no longer able to drive. Some places charge extra for rides. Is this a part of your pricing schedule or an extra?

**This is a good question to ask, regarding transportation - to find out whether it is scheduled, or as needed, and if the cost is included with the monthly fee, or if it is an additional cost. - ALD

Q: Do you offer private bedrooms? / baths? 24 hour family access? - Renae

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Coral Assisted Living

Facility in Scottsdale

back yard

Scottsdale, Arizona - Coral ALH "Always the right choice"

Coral ALH
4839 E. Charleston Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Contact: Erika or Stefan directly using the contact form below!

State Licensed Assisted Living Home and Facility
24 Hour Assistance provided by certified care giving staff
Accepting all levels of care
Personalized attention
3 home made meals and snacks served daily
Daily housekeeping and Laundry Services
Medication Management and Administration
Owner/manager live-in
Flexible visiting hours
Affordable prices

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Contact Coral Assisted Living Directly:

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