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Chateau III Assisted Living Faciilty in Pleasant Hill, California

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Interesting questions and comments we have received about Chateau 3:

Q: I am desperately searching for a facility that is part of the Assisted Living Waiver in California. My Mom is on a fixed income however needs more care than my sister and I can provide. I am so looking forward to finding out about your facility - Chris

Q: looking for long term care for my mother.
She recently had a stroke. - Mike

Q: Do you accept Medicare patrons? Or, perhaps a combination of Medicare and supplemental payment? - Janice

Q: Does Chateau accept CalPERS Long Term Care Insurance as part of its monthly resident fee-rent? If so what does it cover and how much. Also does Chateau have any other requirement which must be met? Many thanks, - Cyrus

Q: Do you accept Medi-cal and Medicaid? I have an 85 year old family friend that needs a little assisted living (he uses a walker, but has his mental faculties). His daughter, Debbie, needs help fining him a place, so I am doing some leg work for her.I've never done this before, so I'd sure love some direction. Thanks for your assistance in this matter. - Susan

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Chateau 3 facility exterior

Chateau 3 dining area


Pleasant Hill, CA - Assisted Living & Dementia Memory Care at Chateau III

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Our community offers only the best in amenities: restaurant-style, any-time dining, plus a 24-hour cafe with room service upon request. Our richly appointed shared space including a grand living room, library, game room and beautiful court-yard are all designed to feel like you are on a luxury cruise ship on land.

PH: (925) 935-1001

Chateau III Located at 175 Cleveland Rd, Pleasant Hill, California. 94523

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Restaurant-Style Dining
 Room service available upon request
 Library & Game Room
 Beautiful Courtyard

& so much more!

Contact Chateau III Directly:

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