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Central Assisted Living Facility in Phoenix, Arizona

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Some examples of great questions we have received about Central assisted living in Phoenix:

I need to relocate my mother on or about 4/1/11and am interested in learning more about your facility. Semi-private would be acceptable. Thanks!

Hello. I am looking for an assisted living home for my mother. She is 75, self administers her meds, but needs help with her shots. She is mentally alert and physically active. Likes to take walks and chat with friends. My job does not allow me to live here year round and I am uncomfortable being away for months at a time and leaving her in the house alone. Could you give me an idea of the costs involved and availability?

Q: I would lIke to know if you accept ALTCS as my mother has been approved and is in Hospice ...and does in fact need assistance with being in and out of bed, using a life to move her, I am out of state and am in need of healthy care for her. Please advise if you might be able to assist me in this process. - Beth

Q: Looking to relocate my father from current Assisted Living to something closer to our home. Do you have private rooms with private bathrooms? Do you accept ALTCS? - Barb

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Central assisted living in Phoenix

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Phoenix, Arizona - Central Assisted Living

Central Assisted Living is an assisted living facility located in Phoenix, Arizona. At Central Assisted Living we protect the dignity, individuality and privacy of each of our residents while striving to support and maintain their independence with the highest quality of life.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Over two Decades of Assisted Living Experience!,
Home environment in a Superb Residential Neighborhood,
We offer Progress Reports to Families and Physicians,
Specializing in various Levels of Care,
Gorgeous Assisted Living Home in Phoenix,
A variety of supportive care services are available within the system,
Nursing staff is available 24 hours a day

Call Dragos @ (623)516-0631 or email using the contact form below

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