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Bradford Estates Assisted Living Facility in Plano, Texas

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Q: My father is 85 and has dementia. He is in a rehab but making no progress for walking. Mom cant give him the attention he needs. The facility is pushing to get him moved. You come highly recommended. I am in Abilene but will be in Dallas tomorrow. May I come and visit? - Dan

Q: I have a brother that needs placement in assisted living. He is on the Star Plus Waiver Program - do you accept this? - Jan

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Senior at Bradford Estates

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Plano, Texas - Bradford Estates Residential Care Home

Bradford Estates,located in beautiful Plano,Tx is a Residential Care Home for Seniors and disabled persons.We believe Your loved ones deserve all the comforts of home,especially in their latter years. We give what You expect,the best service available.We offer a wide variety of services and amenities,giving each resident the individual medical care as prescribed,along with tender loving care.

In-house weekly Physician and Nurse visits,supervision and 24 Hr. care by certified Nurse Assiatant.

We also provide monitoring units in all resident rooms,in-continence supplies,medical equipment,physical and occupational therapy and daily supervised activities. We are also able to lend a hand to Our Community by offering Respite and Adult Day-Care programs. Respite care is $120.00 per day and Day care is $75.00 per day..Our full-time residency starts at$2500.00 per month.(Depending on level of care.)

We are committed to working with family members to meet all needs of their loved ones,while providing the fairest financial plan to all.

You may reach Us by E-mail by using the contact form below or call direct to 214-646-4097 for a tour Our family run business which has been operating since 1984. Thanking You ahead of time We wish for You the best ! Family owned and operated since 1984

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Additional Information:

 Fair Pricing
 In-home Physician care,
 In-home Medication management and blood work,
 Fully staffed by licensed Nurses,C.N.A and Hospice,
 Individual meal plans,
 Beautiful,quiet location

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